Www Google com business apps

These sites will basically lead you to a number of google apps which have specifically been designed to be used by business. These apps will include Gmail, calendar, drive, vault among others .the following are some of the apps found in this sites.

1. Gmail

This can be defined as Google cloud storage. You have the ability to store up to 10 GB in the drive. Files which are created using the drive will not use any storage. This has become the home of Docs, slides and sheets among others. The best feature about this is the ability to integrate with a Varity of third party apps.

2. Google voice

This app enhances the capabilities of your phone; this will be regardless of your phone type. You can use a single number that will ring you anywhere. You can also get transcribed voicemail and also make free calls and messages when you are in Canada or USA.

3. Google cloud print.

This is an app that connects your printer to the web. This makes your printer available from anywhere and to anyone you will choose. This can be accessed using a phone tablet, pc and even chrome book among other devices.

4. Google Calendar

This is a schedule to aid in your organization of activities. You can access your calendar by use of your phone or tablet. This will help you stay on schedule with various reminders. You will get notified about a certain schedule using by an email

5. Google chrome.

This is a browser which has been built in a simple manner yet it has a very fast speed during browsing. This app can be customized with a variety of third party apps in the market

6. Google Analytics

This app helps you measure the behavior of your customers. This is by tracking sales, videos, website and also conversion across ads. you will also learn which part of your website are performing well also measure success of your social media programs and also be in a position to create better-targeted ads. This is free for users with less than 5 million page view in a month.

7. Google Webmaster tools.

This app provides detailed reports concerning your page visibility on Google. You will be in a position to learn any problems Google may be having indexing your site. You will also be in a position to identify queries that usually drive traffic to your site. You will only have to add and verify

8. Google sites. This is an app which allows people to create and also edit their web pages even when they are not familiar with HTML or web design. The users of the app have the ability to make the site from scratch.

This is not the entire list, it will include other apps the like of hangouts, google +, drive, Docs, sheets, Forms, Slide, Sites, Admin and vaults. All these can be used to manage business in various manners.

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