Using Google voice for business

Google voices is a concept which was introduced by Google to enable use of your voice to perform some task on your phone or on your laptop. Basically what this voice is used for is that it acts like a secretary where by it can remind you about your schedule, appointments among other important thing you might what to do. This app has the ability to access your calendar and Gmail and gain useful information which you may want to also has the concept of Google voice search which basically helps you to search for various types of information

The Google voice search has also been revolutionized and can be used to search for complex commands that relates to personal data. Initially it could only be used for entering search queries. Some of the ways to take commands of this will include:

Flight: you can ask “is my flight on time” you will get information concerning upcoming flight status and update on current flights

Reservations: you can ask “my reservation” Google will show you all upcoming dinner plans. Including “my hotel” in the site will result you hotel address, address and direction being communicated. You can also incur if you can make a reservation

Purchases: you can ask for “my purchases” you will get information of current orders

Plans: ask Google “what are my plans for tomorrow” you will view all of your upcoming appointment, flights, events and reservation.

Photos: you can ask Google to display your photos from will display photos which are uploaded to the Google +.this photos will only include photos for your trip to Europe.

These are only some of the common commands which are used by a majority of Google voice search. These commands are in built in the Google search. Anyone can take advantage of them and make Google be a personal assistant.

There is an android version of Google voice most modern devices it can be easily accessed by using the voice button which is usually besides the Google search widget. Android users have a lot of commands which they can use. This will include the likes of: opening angry bird, getting directions to an iparty, creating a calendar of events, sending emails, listening to music and also setting alarms

For iPhone users, they have to download the Google voice search app before they begin shouting commands

Google voice search is continuously being updated to include new and exciting features and commands.

It use is slowly becoming very famous among the business owners and it is being as a personal assistant. The concept that if you have your phone you are up to date with what you have to do is the exciting part about this.

There is an anticipation that this app will contain more commands in futures such that they will become more efficient and effective.

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