Using google calendar for business

Google introduced the new calendar for business and has proven very useful for people who want to save their calendar in the cloud and have the option of sharing them with other people. What this means is that you can access your calendar from any device which supports the internet. The second aspect of sharing with your friends means that you can customize friends, privileges and coworkers and add activity to the team calendar.

Google calendar offer several features which makes them more superior than the normal calendar. They offer added security and ability to recover various features and also share calendars. you can also create team calendar and share the calendar between various member of the team. You also have the ability to assign another user as your personal assistant. They will manage your calendar and schedule various events for you. This will be at your convenience. You also have the ability to sync you google calendar with the use of Microsoft outlook or even blackberry enterprise server.

The google calendars have a variety of uses. Some of the uses will include:

1. Scheduling

This app provides you with a simple interface to enable you handling scheduling for the office. Employees can insert activities and appointment into their own calendars and also to the team calendar. The google calendar has the option of sending an email as a notification for a reminder of a certain schedule. The appointments can be shared .this option enables you to monitor the activities your employees are undertaking. Google calendar is a very efficient way of tracking appointments.

2. Time management

It has a time management tool for your staff members. This is in addition to special appointment e.g. meetings; staff members can use the calendar to break down some of the activities they will undertake during the day. This will basically encourage employees to state some of the things they intend to complete during the day. This will result to efficient management of the available time to meet the set goals.

3. Remote access

For those members who might have traveled, they are in a position to work away from the office. The google calendar has features which enables them to be connected. There is the app work which works on a variety of internet connection .employees can access after-hours upcoming events for the next day or days and are in a position to prepare them adequately.

4. Website calendar

This is a programme in the google calendar which enables you to expand how you share your allow you to integrate it into your website. The calendar setting will offer you to turn the calendar into a variety of options including XML and HTML. This will allow you to post upcoming business events on your website. You are also in a position to include due date reminders on the website. These include the likes of date payments.

These are some of the method through which the google calendar can effectively be used.

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