Use the Google keyword search tool.

Google keyword search tool is used by a variety of people. This will include people who have websites which are within the Google search. The following are some of the essential things you should know concerning Google keyword tool.

1. This tool has a “competition” column. This column has various competition rating which includes the likes of low high and medium. This usually shows the level of completion i.e. the number of people who are bidding for a particular keyword. This is within adword

2. When you are seeing search volumes, you should always ensure that you view data from only one location rather than all location. This is particularly because; your site will only rank highly in one version of goggle

3. Search volume figures are not 100% accurate. You should use them only as guides primarily to compare keywords against each other. This is rather to using them as an exact prediction of from goggle your website will receive.

The following are the steps to using goggle key word tool.

1. You should sign in to Google adword. Then click on tool and analysis then keyword planner. Creating an adword planner is simple and free.

2. Then click on “search for keyword and as group ideas”

3. make sure you understand the setting and data. Example include

A, product or service – you enter your list of ideas

B, landing page— you should enter URLs from you website

C, product category— you should leave this blank

D, Location—select your current or location e.g. United Kingdom

E, Language—select the language of your keyword

F, Data Source—select goggle

You will select in a similar manner up to Letter R.

4. Make a list of around 10 keywords which describes what your business does and what it sell

5. Ensure you add your key list suggestion to you by customers/friends/partners and suppliers. They might associate different keyword for your activities than you do

6. Change selected tab from Ad group ideas to keyword ideas. The list on top is the results keywords displayed along monthly search volumes. Below the list is related keywords which have been suggested by Google.

7. Download keywords idea. Usually this is a CSV file

8. Then click on ‘modify search ’here you remove the keywords from the ‘you product or services field

9. Now enter the URL of a page which list all your products and also service into the ‘you’re landing page’ then click on ‘get ideas’

10. Download the keyword is also a CSV file

11. Merge the two data using Microsoft excel or office. You should create one list of keywords search volumes

12. Remove any duplicate, and then search volume of less than should then remove any keywords which are not linked directly to your business

At the end of the overall process, you should have 10-100 keywords. These should be relevant and of an acceptable volume. This rather does not mean that you should target all of them. You still need to evaluate how competitive each keyword is and then decide how many of them you should target.

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