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Google maps are entirely used to make you get directions for driving, public travel, cross-country, biking, or hovering on Google Maps. If you come across multiple courses, the best route towards your endpoint is indicated in blue and is usually the first result presented. Other ways are gray on the entire map. Unfortunately, flight information is often not shown on your phone, tablet or computer.

Here are some tips on how to go about it.
If you are using your computer, Open Google maps, click on directions and then click a point on the map. You will then type the address of the location or add the name of a given place. A list of options such as Transit, Walking, and cycling will appear. Proceed and click one of them. If you are using your android phone, the procedure is much the same but to have a view of the list of directions, all you have to do is tab the white bar that is usually at the bottom. You will be in a position to see the traveling time and the distance.
To see the list of driving, walking, or biking courses, move to the bottom and tap the white button to see the travel time and distance.

For multiple directions, it’s unfortunate that direction searches are not available in all regions, in addition to this; flight searches and public travel are not possible in some cities. To access transit directions, your transit agency must include their route information to Google maps.
If you want a driving route, all you have to do is click and hold an area or spot on the way and drag it to another new spot on the map. To achieve this, you must not be using maps in lite mode.
Google maps also provide a lot of preferences. You can also choose to customize your route by
1. Avoiding tolls
2. Selecting a path that has no highways
3. Changing your starting point
4. Changing your endpoint

There are also other ways of using directions
In case you have no internet access, you can opt to save a route on your android phone or tablet. Eventually, you can find the instructions when you’re offline. Only one path can be kept at a time.

To save a route, follow these steps
Using your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
Tap your destination on the map and the right side tap Directions.
At the top, choose your method of travel and then tap the white bar which is at the bottom to see the traveling time and distance.
You can now proceed to save offline
Your route is now saved on your phone or tablet. When searching for the courses make sure to use the same phone or tablet
The directions will begin from the place where you saved the route and not your current location.
To see updated information, tap and Refresh.
You can choose to share directions or send them to your phone or tablet.

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