Register my business on Google.

Google is a platform currently receiving millions of visitors on a daily basis. Having your business in the various relevant and appropriate listing will make your business to have a potential of unlimited numbers of customers. According to google 97% of customers search for local and international business USA only 13.7 billion searches are conducted concerning a particular location of the business. This means that having your business on google is slowly becoming a mandatory. Google has given business owner the chance to be part of this revolution.

Google place for business will allow you to create a listing which will display your business or store information. This will include information like: contact details; including your website, a map, photos, and reviews among other useful information that will be helpful to your potential customers

This service has the ability to take real -time update concerning special features you may be displaying. You will have the ability to display them across search results the likes of Google web search, Google mobile search, Google maps, Google earth and also Google voice directory search.

The listing you have placed will have the chance to reach tens of thousands of potential customer if optimized in the right manner. Putting you page is very easy. The following are some of the essential steps which you will have to follow to place your business on Google places.

Step 1: login to Google places

If you have an existing Google account you can login using it. This includes accounts like Gmail and Ad Word accounts. Make sure you are using a Google account which you are associated with. If you don’t have an account you should consider creating one. Once you login in you will see a page which contains business which are currently associated with this account. If this is the first time you can use you phone to lookup your business

Step Two: Add or Find your Business

If you already use a Google place for another business but you need to register another click on the “add new business” link. This will open the phone number page which will look up your number. Fill in the necessary information which will include: country, phone number and Google will perform a check to see if your business is listed. If Google will not find any information about your store or business, you will have the option to fill in the basic information concerning your store and where it is located

Step Three: Verifying your listing

This step will include verifying your listing. Google has three ways of verifying that you are the authorized to update business information. You will be sent a verification code through a phone call, text message or in the form of a postcard which will be send to your business address. Once verification has been authorized, it will take a short while for your business listing to appear.

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