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Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an app every bookworm would love to access. It is similar to ones like Kindle and other e-Readers in the market. However, Google Play Books has better features which are more user-friendly. Let us dig deeper into the features of the Google Play Books app.

Google Play Books – Best books at your dispense

Google play books app has a proud collection of over five million titles. The books range from best selling authors to self-publishing freshers. You have huge bundles of books to choose from. Depending upon the category you are interested in, you can select the books of choice and add them to your My Google Books section. You can read these books over the browser or download the Google play books app.

Reading Audio Books

The option of listening to audiobooks is also available apart from the usual reading formats. There is a comfortable range of audio settings to adjust sound decibels and speed.

Comic books and Formats

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The books are available in the PDF format and more comfortably in EPUB format. Fresh minds that wish to upload files can upload in these formats. You can even transfer the downloaded books to other reading browsers. On the other hand, comic books have an attractive layout and easy vertical scrolling to maintain the flow in landscape mode.

Reading modes

Apart from the font size, font color, and layout settings, it offers reading modes. The usual day and night reading modes are available. The night mode dims the background light to adjust with the eyes and reduce strain. The daylight mode is comparatively brighter. The Sepia reading mode is also available. Sepia has a lesser spectrum than a white background. This helps reduce the fatigue of the eye and you can read for long hours.

Offline Save, Reading position, and ‘Skim’ mode

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While reading on multiple devices, it offers to remember the last reading position. Whenever you open the ebook on another device or open after a while, the last reading position is displayed. You can add the book to My Google Books library to read in the offline mode too. The Skim mode helps to zoom in and zoom out to help slide through the pages. This is useful when you read non-fictional books, textbooks, or documents, which are usually not read in a single go. You need to tap the center of the page to get the skim mode activated.

Night Light feature

The night light feature detects the difference in lighting around you. As the sun seems to set, it replaces the blue lighting of the phone with a warm amber-colored background for a better reading experience. It works based on the time of the day, significant change in temperature, and room brightness.

Inbuilt Dictionary

Reading is an also a process of learning. Google Play Books has an inbuilt dictionary to help readers look up any words or phrases they are unaware of. The biggest advantage is that the dictionary is available even in the offline mode!

Bubble Zoom feature

A total bonanza for the comic book readers! Depending on the color contrast and image pixels, the app identifies images in the comic books. It helps to zoom-in the bubbles having text for easy reading. A single tap on the bubbles is all you have to do.


A specific range of books, especially reference books and textbooks, can be rented. The rental period begins when the payment completes and not when the book is opened. You can pre-order these books and then rent them just in case they aren’t available.


Not just downloads and reads, interested people can also upload their books. They must make a proper layout and edit their books and upload them in PDF or EPUB format. These books are then made available to be read along with the other bunch.

The Google Play Books app is user-friendly and is constantly updated and undergoes maintenance to remove possible bugs or errors. The features help a person get a better reading experience. The app is available for Android and iOS systems and is launched in over 75 countries.

Undoubtedly, every individual having immense love for literature must try the app.

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