Phone numbers for Google customer services

Google has a variety of customer services within different locations of the earth. These customer cares are to help people with various shortcomings that they may face while using Google. Not all countries have customer care services but they are found in majority of the countries. Some of them can be contacted at a totally free basis while others will require payment of a certain fee for the call to go through. The customer care are always whiling to help in any of the shortcomings that you may be facing while using Google .the following is a list of some of the customer services throughout different countries within the globe.

These are some of the customer services numbers for Google. Sometimes there is always a waiting period of approximately 43 minutes when they are very busy but this is only for the number which includes for all countries. Individual countries customer services don’t have long waiting periods, will include only waiting a couple of minutes. While contacting customer care might be sometimes free this will reduce the cost you will incur while waiting for the call to go through. You can call via web and this will reduce the cost you incur while making the call.

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