Nova Launcher: The best Android Launcher

Android is the most dominant mobile operating system as it provides its customers unlimited customization opportunities. Launchers are one such customizable part of android. In fact, on an android, there is always a default pre-installed launcher available. But users like to install the third-party launcher as they offer lots of customization options to suit their needs. Hundreds of launchers are available in play store but to select the best one among them is troublesome. But I believe, this article will definitely help you to know a little bit about the incredible significances of Nova launcher before using it.

What is Nova Launcher?

Nova launcher is one of the best and most preferred launchers around. It is a fast, efficient, lightweight, and buttery smooth launcher. Its main features include it supports dock customization, notification badges, folder and icon customization, packs around dozen gesture and many more. It also provides an option to show frequently used app in the top row of the app drawer. It also supports app shortcut found on Android nougat.

nova launcher application

Unique Features:

Let’s go into some details of the features. First of all, Nova Launcher is the most powerful and elegant launcher. It has become smarter and feature-rich over the years. It lets you customize your android’s home screen, icons, and folders aspects as you prefer.

There is another feature that makes Nova launcher unique than the other launchers, which is its outstanding graphics quality. Even a simple act of sliding your finger to switch desktop shows an elaborate transition in three dimensions.

Besides these artistic matters, it allows you to customize the gesture that you use on your device. You can even use shortcuts to make your Android device shake.

It also offers the provision of backups of your settings and imports them to other devices as well. This means, if you like a particular style on your mobile phone, you can easily put it on your Android tablet.

The Nova launcher is the fastest app, which can do its work quickly. It is also 100% safe and secure with regard to the privacy of its users.

Ad-free launcher:

This launcher application is ad-free as no advertisement is used anywhere even in the launcher panel.

Nova Launcher 5.0 has arrived with the latest pixel launcher features. The newly released 5.0 version is one of the best launchers in the android system. This new version brings together the features from the latest version of Android and pixel launcher which has just come out on the Google pixel devices.

Vibrant in Nova launcher:

It comes in two vibrant: free or prime. The free version is free to download but has restricted features, whereas prime version is paid and unlocks a lot of other useful features. To download the prime nova launcher, you have to pay to buy Nova launcher from Google play store.

nova launcher app

Nova Launcher has millions of fans as it provides the best customization. If you also want to customize your android the way you like then Nova launcher would be the best choice.

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