Make your own Google search engine.

This will include making a search engine which has the ability to search only specific websites. This is usually done by use of Google custom search engine tool. This gives you the chance to bookmark your search engine and also share it with friends and other people. The following will include how to create a custom Google search engine of your own

You should first of all visit the Google custom search engine. This is by goggling the page and selecting the appropriate page. You will have to have created a Google account. The search will have to be saved in your Google account.

Once you are on the Google custom search engine. Click on create a Google search engine. You will have to enter the name and full description of your search engine. This will be anything you feel like creating.

Usually the site to search field is the one which really matter and require ultimate attention when creating it. An example will include if you want a search for both and, you can enter**

The character * is usually the wildcard; it can match anything. This character tells the search engine to search for everything in the two website.

After creating the sites to search for fields you should click on this stage you can specify a style which you would like to use for your search this stage you can test the engine you testing it you will be in a position to determine if it is okay or it requires some adjustments.

Once you are satisfied with the search engine created, click on the next button at the bottoms of the page. You will end up on a page which give you an embed code which is for your search engine. This is only important for web developers. For ordinary web users and owners, you should probably ignore the page. Click on the goggle custom search logo which is at the top of the page. This will bring you to your search engine page, click on its name and also the list of search engine you have created

For purpose of convenience, you can bookmark this page so that you can easily access your search engine. This search engine can also be shares between different groups of people by sending them a full URL which usually appears on your address bar

While creating a custom search engine, you don’t have to specify an entire example include the example which was previously given including Microsoft and The custom page will search for all information. You might see useful information from and also but results from may be not be very use full to exclude this and other subdomain. Use the following URL when creating the custom search page***

Usually, there are several types of URLs which can be defined in the list. They are single page and part of a website.

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