Make Google my default search engine

Google is a search engine which is currently very displays a lot of sites for different information. Over time the number of people using Google as their main search engine has been increasing. Currently they have over a billion visitors visiting the site. For those people who frequently use Google as their search engine, the following is how you can make it a default browser for your computer and also mobile devices.

Computer browsers

1. Google Chrome

You will have to open your Google chrome, on the right corner of the browser you have to click on the menu icon. This icon will give you a variety of options, go to the setting option. On the setting option go to the search selection and click on Google in the drop down menu which will appear.

2. Internet Explorer.

There are different versions of internet explorer. This will include the likes of Internet explorer 8 and the latest version which is internet explorer 11. All of them will basically involve different methods of making Google as the default web browser. The following is how to make Google the default browser in the latest version that is the internet explorer version will have to open the browser, on the top right corner of the browser on the search box, tap the down arrow. You will then click on the add button and select Google then click add to internet make it the official default browser tick on the box next to “make this the default search provider”

3. Firefox

For Firefox browser, go to the Firefox preference editor. This is done by typing “about.config” on the address bar. Hit enter and a warning message will will be cautioning you of editing Firefox setting. Press the text box search for “ name” right click on the results which will appear and choose the modify option. Paste this address in the dialog box which will appear. This will replace your previous default browser. Click ok to confirm this.

For Android devices

The procedure for making Google your default search engine is different from that of computers. The following are some of the browsers and how they can be changed to make Google the default browser

1. Firefox

Open the Firefox browser, click/touch on the menu button on the right corner of your browser. Touch on the setting button, the click on advanced and set search engine. Choose Google and it will become you default search engine.

2. Google Chrome

Open the chrome browser ,on the right corner touch on the chrome menu then click on the setting the search area click on search selection and choose Google from the drop-down box.

By following the outlined steps for different web browsers you will have managed to make Google your official web browser.

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