List of Google product and services

Google is among the biggest companies in the world. It has built its business around search result and also a couple of advertising platforms. Google overtime has launched lots of products and services. Despite Google being a very big company, it is still exercising innovation and this has resulted to a list of remarkable products. This product have made Google secure in that if anything happens to the main business then they can still supplement any loss. The following is a list of some of the Google products and services


This is an email platform which is used by a large group of people. This platform helps millions to store emails without having to delete them at anytime.

Google maps

This has been installed on lots of phones and also mobile application. It is usually used in case of a print off address. It is filled with directions and this helps us when moving from one location to another.

Google News

This platform emerged in angered lots of tradition media. This platform is not controlled by editors but by aggregation algorithm. It has become one of the sources of news on a daily basis.

Google Earth

This application allows you to look around for stuff near your home or place of work. You can view it on phones or computers. Maps of different trains will have different levels of importance to different groups of people e.g. it is used by GIS analyst when carrying out different analysis.

Google Apps

This is a platform which houses lots of apps. Documents and lots of application are stored in the cloud. Google is never down and some of the collaborative opportunities it has to offer are incredible

Google chat

This was initially part of Gmail or Google apps. This is a chart platform for lots of people. Features which have been included will include video calling and also appealing over IM providers. It works well with lots of Google products.


YouTube is a very famous platform used y lots of people. Google bought this platform for about $1.5 billion and since that time this site is continuing to grow.


This is a platform used by publishers across the globe to earn revenues from their site or blogs.web owners can enroll in this program, this is to enable text, image and also video advertisement to be placed on their sites. This is one of the engine behind the huge growth of Google.


This is an advertisement system that is providing lots of cash flow for Google. This acts as a middle man to billions worth of online transaction.


This is the first page lots of us arrive when you start your browser. It can be customized using RSS and also widget to create a page tailored to meeting your personal interest. This is another part of web which allows customers to reach their product in a fast and easy manner.

This is only a limited number of products and services offered by Google.

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