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What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is an image recognition mobile app which can find data about a specific image the user has. It works on the principle of visual analysis. Using the Google Lens app, you can scan an Image and the app would give you details about it. It was launched in 2017 after discontinuing a similar app (Google Goggles) in 2014.


You can’t find everything you want through your browser. Entering specific words may not give you the needed information. There are times when you want to find out about a particular place or object and you don’t know what to call it. You might be unaware of the name but have an image of it. In such situations, Google Lens is the savior!

Importing images from Google Lens

There is an option to import images you might want to use later to Google Keep. Irrespective of the type of image, they can be moved to Google Keep. The image can contain text, codes, links, or can be ordinary images too.

Store in memory

When you scanned an image on your device, you can keep it for later too. The app stores the image for later use when you choose the “Remember for later” option. This comes in handy when you do not want any information about the image for the time being. Just in case, you might need it in future, the app would save it for you.

Brilliant Scan of Text

text scan

The captions or any written lines over an image can be scanned in perfect clarity by the app. It offers the crop option and focuses to capture the needed part and use it to get data. Unlike few other similar apps in the market, even text recognition is quick and accurate.

Search by details too

Not just graphic images and captions, you can search for data based on contact details too. Scanning specific phone numbers or addresses can also give us information about an institution, community, or landmark. For example, when you scan the phone number on a public hoarding, the app would give you details of who (individual) or which institution owns the number and where it is located too. It is very useful when you have some details and want to find out more.

On scanning phone numbers, it would also show you options to make a call, send a message, send an email or add to contacts if it is a new number. It will even help you share the contacts with others.

Connection with Google Calendar

google calendar image

The app helps in adding events to Google Calendar too. When it scans a date on the scanned image, it would directly offer to add an event to your Google Calendar. In this way, you can add events without much hassle. This would be the best way to remember the release date of your favorite film!

Links, Books, Movies

The app is capable of identifying links as well. On scanning specific links, it would open the associated web page. On scanning the covers of books or movie posters, it would offer to show ratings, reviews, cost, and sales of these artworks.

Google Lens is armed with artificial intelligence and offers more than what a web browser promises. It comes in use when web browsers don’t give us what we want. Initially, this app was only available on Google Pixel phones at the start. But later, during March-2018, it was made available on non-pixel phones and iOS systems as well.

So, stop running behind the web browsers and use the ‘Lens’ features.

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