Google Pixel-Book Laptop

Full view of Pixelbook Laptop

This pixelbook laptop manufactured by Google is a convertible laptop-tablet hybrid with a foldable screen. The weight is quite on a low side precisely 1kg. It is so thin at about 10mm. Regarding the design, the back surface has a glass inlay that’s similar to pixel 2 smartphones.

The laptop has many awesome features which allows the tablet to be portable and flexible. It has a 310mm touchscreen design allowing the device to display in quadHD and translates to 1440p. It runs with Chrome OS as any normal chrome book making it eligible for update in Google’s latest security features and all browsing benefits one is used to. In this pixel book, without internet connection it is variably useless but if the signal is dropped, it will automatically connect to any suitable smartphone signal.

The pixel book comes with intel core i5 or i7 processors and support up to 16GB of RAM and with 512GB of SSD storage capacity. It has a fast boot speed of few seconds.

Its battery is extremely excellent. It has 10-hour battery life and features fast charging via USB-C for two hours of regular use from just 15 minutes of charging.

The Google smart AI assistant which is the flagship feature is used in this device and it is the first time a laptop has such feature. It is activated by saying “OK Google” or by pressing the button in the keyboards’ bottom row. It is used to issue voice commands for certain tasks in the pixelbook like playing a song on YouTube or media player. Most time users may not want to use voice so a special key was provided so request can be typed in subsequently.

PixelBook Pen

There is another device compatible with the pixel book called Google’s pixel book Pen. With this pen, you can utilize the Google assistant to pull up information about what you see on the screen. The pen will just be used to circle an image or a word, and the google assistant will reflect relevant information. The pen can be use to take notes as well. It has over 2000 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60 degrees of angular awareness with good battery life.

On the smartphone, android apps are compatible with the pixelbook making it more useful because it doesn’t restrict the use of apps by the user. Some apps like Snapchat and Instagram will be available for use in the pixelbook. This took Google a while of implementation and observation before developing the compatibility of android apps with the pixelbook.

The keyboard has backlight and a soft touch feature. While, the mouse pad uses touch processing algorithms to improve accuracy over time as well as palm detection.

The laptop is quite expensive at a price of $1000 and the pen for $99. It has been available in google stores since 31st October 2017

The laptop is exactly what you will get if attempt was made to turn a pixel to a laptop. Google’s goal is that every user should have software, apps and services on your hardware so you can work anywhere. The pixel book will not replace the phone but can do a lot it does.

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