Google Earth And Its Advantages

Google Earth, which is also called Earth Viewer 3D, is basically a map. This application provides geographical information about the Earth and Ariel photography. However, this free tool can be immensely helpful when looking for your next home. For people who don’t want to walk or ride up and down hills to access shops or local amenities, this can be immensely helpful. For seniors, who may have difficulty traveling hilly terrain, this can be a necessity.

It basically displays satellite images of the Earth’s surface. Imagine the possibilities it can give you. You can take a look at places without even going there. You can get directions on how to get there and many more. Actually, these images have been used in many ingenious ways while changing our perception of the world around us. With Google Earth showcasing 3d, people can search for the location of their home, school, or office. It’s like people are touring around the world in a virtual kind of way. It can also map the driving distance between your potential residence and favorite destinations.

The Advantage of Google Earth:

The advantage of Google Earth is that, if you are looking for certain amenities near the property you are considering, it will list the ones, which it knows and can be used to search for more. But, the main issue is that searching real estate with this app is subjected to the limited nature of the listings. It is not designed as a global real estate search engine. Every company/individual who wants their listings seen on Google Earth has to create a file with them on it. It is often best to search Google for real estate in the location you desire and then check.

google earth view

How to use Google Earth:

In order to access these files, you have to download and install the app. While you’re downloading, a little window will pop-up asking if you want to open it with Google Earth. Just say yes to the question. If it doesn’t ask you, it can open it with Google Earth, head over to that little box and tell it to use Google Earth.

Once your file is open in the program, check it out. You may have to zoom in to see all the listings (usually in the shape of houses), but once you get the hang of it, Google Earth is really easy to use. Play around with it. See what you can do with the toolbar. If you are interested in a property that you can’t find, you can just enter your address in Google Earth and enjoy a cool flying sensation as the earth turns and you whoosh in to hover over your destination. With these tools, Google Earth allows you to explore not only our world, but to research it as if you were there yourself, allowing you to describe settings and places you’ve never visited, exactly as if you had.

google earth view

In short Google Earth is a free app with latest up to date maps and with extreme details. It can help you with several things and most importantly it is quite handy.

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