Google Announces Duplex the New Artificial Intelligence Assistant at I/O

Google has unveiled a new artificial intelligence assistant dubbed ‘Duplex’ at the company’s annual I/O conference in Mountain View, California, US.

The Duplex can make calls like any people and interact with them. The Duplex’s ability to call up people was demonstrated by the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, at the conference. Mr. Pichai used the technology to call up a hairdresser. The Duplex booked an appointment in the voice of a human. The hairdresser was surprised to know that he was talking to a robot. He was not able to make the difference until the robot referred the client for the booking.

The most special aspect of the Duplex assistant is its inbuilt capabilities to interact like a human. Talking to Duplex, no one can guess that Duplex is actually a robot. The Duplex during the call with the hairdresser made certain pauses such as “ums” and “hmmms” which made it sound more like that of a human.

The Duplex is programmed to understand complex sentences, long remarks, and fast speech. This further help the artificial intelligence assistant to act like a human while making a call or booking an appointment. Google is working hard to develop a human-like artificial assistant.

Chris Messina is the creative head behind the development of Duplex. Messian describes the product as incredible and terrifying. The technology is in its initial stage of development and has already started attracting comments from critics. One of the questions asked by the commentators attending the I/O was about the interaction between the two robots if they happen to call each other. Whether or not will they be able to identify themselves as robots is a question that Google is yet to answer.

Meanwhile, Google has already started working on tools to develop bots out of people’s voice. The company also demonstrated its new initiative to bot people’s voice at the conference. Google used John Legend recording. The tool was able to hear the recording and mimic the sound like the singer. The tool, when played, mimicked the sound of the singer.

Now, this puts a security question mark on the latest Google product. The Duplex anyway sounds promising as the latest artificial intelligence tool. Its uses may have a security concern, especially when it comes to attending or making phone calls. If caught in wrong hands the tool has the potential of getting grossly misused for treachery and dubious activities.

Google has programmed the tool to carry out a handful of functions. It is yet to be programmed to speak freely in general context. In short, the Duplex artificial intelligence tool is programmed for some specific tasks only.

Google to Launch a Range of Artificial Intelligence Products

Google, besides the Duplex tool, unveiled many other AI-powered products. These products included Smart Compose and Photo tools. The Smart Compose allows computers to put together a message on the behalf of the owners by observing their discussions and writing. The Photo tools is yet another amazing AI tool that can help improvise photos and suggest whom to send to.

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