Gmail or Inbox – Which one to choose?

Gmail differs from Inbox

Innovation is the other name of Google. It wouldn’t settle for one app to serve a single purpose. Luckily, every invention is better than the previous. One such new thought is Google Inbox.

unavailable Inbox

Gmail is the typical email app. It has a rectangular area to display received emails. The Spam, Trash, Sent, along with other options lie on the right side. The unread messages are displayed bold and the read ones are in normal font. The swipe shortcut helps you to easily archive or delete messages. The app is available on phones and desktop. It follows a basic blueprint which everyone can understand. Many people use Gmail irrespective of their age.

There is nothing new to expect from Gmail. It is a basic app which makes work more practical and easy. Options for categories, signature, and sounds are available. There is nothing to compromise and the work is quicker.

Then how is Inbox different? Why do we need Inbox if we have Gmail?

Google Inbox

unavailable Inbox

As already mentioned, Google will not settle for one app to serve a purpose. Gmail is basic while Inbox is far from being regular. It is eye-catchy with the themes, more icon-based and cheerful. Comparatively, it is much playful and colorful than Gmail. But do not think of it to be less than the previous.

A taskmaster

It won’t be wrong to say Gmail is a messy worker. You cannot avoid spam messages and unwanted disturbances. With the number of emails piled up, it gets difficult to sort the important ones. Inbox can do it for you. Inbox has a better organization of received emails. It piles and pins the important emails away from the spam department which is pushed to the last.

Create Bundles

Humans need constant nudging to get the work done. Otherwise, it won’t ever complete. In Gmail, newly received emails occupy the top position while the important ones are lost to the bottom. This leads to our carelessness and later a catastrophe to search for them. Inbox’s awesome feature will make your own bundles and save the day. You can organize the emails into different bundles representing a category.

To-Do List

Gmail considers emails to be read and deleted. If important, then archive. While Inbox is more like displaying the to-do list. If you intend to refer any email later, mark them ‘later’. If you completed your work with an email (read or unread), mark it ‘done’. This will remove the email from the list only leaving the undone ones.


Gmail lacks this feature. When you do not want to read an email at the moment and want to save it for later, Snooze option comes in handy. Inbox allows you to snooze certain emails to be read at a later time and save it for a better moment. When did you last see Gmail do this?


There is no great difference between the two apps when it comes to composing an email. They both display options like ‘forward’ and ‘reply’. Gmail displays an arrow for forwarding while Inbox hides it behind overflow menu. The red button on the right bottom corner allows composing new messages in both apps.


Gmail allows you to share Google photos and files from Google drive. The clip-shaped icon helps to attach files. Inbox is somewhat restricted in this sector. Inbox has a ‘Say Something’ feature on the main Composition Window. Moreover, both the apps have the ‘Undo’ option.

The Winner?

The winner depends upon the judge. It all depends on how you intend to use your email. If you are more easy-going, Gmail is the option. If you like the work to be organized and systematic, Inbox is your buddy. Inbox is more sophisticated and disciplined while Gmail is its occasionally naughty brother. Both have some brilliant features to consider and work on par with each other.

Choose the one which suits you more.

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