Enjoy Millions of songs with Google Play Music.

 Brief description of google Play music.

Google Play Music provides free content for what you’re undertaking, your moods, or what you intend to listen. Use this application to listen to your preferred songs and save your music collection. You can also create and add playlists, podcasts, albums and listen to your favorite channels on the radio. You can upload up to thousands of songs of your preference. You can stream music for free without any subscriptions.
While the experience is excellent, here are the steps to download music from Google Play.

  • Do this to download a song from your cloud.
    Open the Google Play Music application.
    Swipe from left to right.
    From the sidebar, click on My Library.
    Locate the song you wish to download
    Tap the linked menu button
    Proceed and tap the download button and then wait for the download to complete.

Files supported by Google play music

The design elements of this application are quite similar to some current Google applications. As you open the interface, you will see a list on the top left. This option helps you enjoy songs from your library as well as explore Google music. You can also browse music directly from the Google play app.
The service supports more file types than other competitors. These formats include the MP3 and AAC, WMA, OGG, and FLAC.

You can also choose to transfer Google music to your computer by using a USB cable.
Download and install Android File Transfer on your computer. Proceed to unlock your screen.
Connect your computer to your Android phone using a USB cable.
Pinpoint music files on your computer and drag them into your phone’s Music folder in Android File Transfer.

Furthermore,subscribe to get access to thousands of songs/albums and download them to listen when you are offline or choose to sign up for the family plan on Android to make available access for up to six household members for a small price. Subscriptions come with an attachment to YouTube Red so that you can enjoy YouTube ad-free, in the background, and when you are not connected.

Free features and Subscription features

  • Subscription features include
    The household plan, where up to six members can have access to Google Play Music.
    Access to over 35 million songs.
    YouTube Red membership
    Download music to any of your devices and listen to music when you are offline.
    Continuous listening to your favorite songs.
  • Free features in this application include
    Radio for anything you want to listen
    You can Store a maximum of 50,000 songs from your music collection
    Subscribing to podcasts
    Smooth endorsements based on your taste
    Looking for all you want to Android and the web

To regulate the bandwidth accessible for uploading songs and albums to Google Play, All you have to do is select the Music Manager icon. It is usually located at the bottom towards the right side of your screen.
Consequentially,to maximize on Google music app, the easiest way to go about it is by uploading tunes to Google Play Music by using the Google Play Music extension for Chrome. Songs and albums can also be uploaded through the Upload Music option on the web application menu.


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