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There are several certifications as far as Google is concerned. Certification as developer, virtual assistant, mobile web specialist and few others. These certifications entitle you to a smooth world in the computer world whether software or hardware. It is an extra edge for computer scientist, programmers and analysts. It is an additional point to a professional resume. The certifications range from beginner to expert from different platforms respectively.

The Certifications handled by Google professionally includes Google developer certification, associate android developer, mobile web specialist, Google certified professional (cloud architect and data engineer).

Google Developers Certification lets anybody demonstrate proficiency and skill. After passing the exam, the certificate could be used to promote one self to communities, projects and employees relevant to your field of study. Google stores the certificate in a verifiable location. It can be embedded on sites like LinkedIn, Upwork and even twitter.

For Android Developer Certification, the exam will test skills as an Android-level developer. Therefore, to be eligible for the exam you should have basic knowledge of Android from any source possible. The latest version of Android studio must be used to complete the Examination. English language is used in this certificate exams.

Mobile Web Specialist Certificate Examinations is designed to test the skills of a competent mobile web developer gained through a combination of education, self-study and field experience. To be proficient for this examination, levelling up mobile web knowledge is relevant. It has a set of coding challenges and an exit interview in English. The system to be used for this exam has to be 4GB RAM and 2GHz dual core processor and minimum of 1280 x 768 resolutions with a webcam for interview sessions. Chrome may be used as the browser.

Valid identification is another tool for eligibility. Every participant must be able to show government-issued photo identification from non-embargoes countries. For Canada, US, France, UK, Ireland and Netherlands a driver license may be used. For any other country, passport must be shown and uploaded in JPG, PNG or BMP format. Also, the U.S embargoes countries are not allowed to participate in the certification so there must be a proof of not been a member of such countries like Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Iraq and few others.

In the Data Engineer Certification, proficiency in designing and building data-processing systems and your skill at creating machine learning models on Google cloud platform is demonstrated. They basically transform and visualize data.

For Cloud Architect Certified Professionals, it enables organizations to leverage Google cloud technologies. It assesses ability to design and plan a cloud solution architecture, manage and provide cloud solution infrastructure, design for security and compliance, analyze and optimize technical and business processes, manage implementations of cloud architecture, and ensure solutions as well as operational abilities. The exam usually last for about two hours and it cost about $200 USD. The exam has Japanese and English language selection. It has no prerequisites and must be taken at center location close to you.

The different certifications examination is for people from 13 years of age and above. For age 13-17 years, the exam will be conducted with parental consent but for 18 years and older, they have no age-related restrictions. Also, the U.S embargoes countries are not allowed to participate in the certification so there must be a proof of not been a member of such countries like Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Iraq and few others.

Google certifications relevance can never be overemphasized in the world today and even the future to come.



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