You cannot do this with Google voice

What Google Voice is incapable of doing

Google Voice can do lots of things, and it is quite efficient and effective, it offers quite some features. But, many operators have not registered for this service; instead, they opt to use it for their business. It may suggest changing numbers, port numbers, etc. It is quite essential to be aware of how Google Voice works, what it can’t do, what it is capable of doing and what its pros and cons are.

No services available Outside the US

Google Voice is not accessible for people who are currently not living in the United States. Majority of people around the world have been locked out of this service. Google has outlined plans to extend these services to other countries, but so far so right it seems quite impossible as it offers free services across the entire United States. Managing the world as a whole might be impossible to handle.

You Can’t Start Calls From Your Mobile Phone

You may have mobile apps to use this service, but unfortunately, you cannot start a call on your mobile phone, like you would when it comes to Skype app. regarding this service. You must begin the calls on the web interface using your desktop computer; the request will then be transmitted to your mobile phone. At this point, you can now utilize your mobile phone. This process is quite cumbersome, and one of the chief liabilities that the service has.

No Free Worldwide Calls

As much as Google Voice offers free calls in the United States, this is not the same when it comes to other countries; however, it does not provide free intercontinental calling.
Offering free services is a good thing, but it has to be highlighted that it is not a free service for international calling. Callers across the world are not in a position to make free calls to Google Voice users. They can, however, make free calls to the U.S through Gmail free calling with a particular plugin.

Not a Phone Service

You cannot substitute your phone with Google service as it is not a full phone service. You can only manage your phones through a number provided for by Google voice.

Google voice is not a Softphone
This is just a service that works using a browser; hence one does not need to download.
No Video Calls
You can’t make video calls on Google Voice unlike Skype and other video calling services. The reason behind this is that the function is not modified to link with video.
No MMS services
Google voice has many structures such as email messages, voicemail, SMS messages, editing copying, forwarding, transcription, and Conferencing, but you cannot conduct and receive MMS, like images.
Not direct Customer Support
Since this service is offered free of charge, It is understandable as to why users cannot get immediate support by whichever means. There is no platform where users can access information and get help in case of arising problems.


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