What you cannot experience with Google.

What you cannot experience with Google.

In recent years, the Internet was linked with just pornography. Whenever someone mentioned the word internet, what came to your mind was the word porn. There was this World Wide Web which was established by some of America gurus. As compared to today and the only people making money by then were only in the grownup movie industry.
Today, you can find and purchase just about anything on the internet using one thing that Google cannot do without the search box.

Search Engines

Search engines are rooted in every major website and app. Without it, finding what you need may seem impossible. Without search, the Internet would not be so effective and efficient.
As of today, the search engine is a set of systems for grading results that meet specific standards. It’s not, spontaneous or collaborative. It is just beginning to improve its capacity to network on a basic social level.
Be as it may, no matter the advancements in technology. There are specific results you will never achieve with a search engine
I have listed some of them here for you

Love and affection

You will never find and experience true love through Google. You can meet someone who might one day become your potential lover, which is more or less the same as meeting someone in a restaurant. But physical and emotional connections cannot be experienced online.


You will never experience physical tiredness and delight that comes from running, hiking to a mountain peak, winning a rugby or football game, cycling a hundred miles. Online gamers unquestionably experience rushes of adrenaline and possibly a neurotransmitter or both, but it’s far much different from fatigue associated with physical activities.


You can never find life-changing inspiration and encouragement with lots of impact on Twitter or Instagram. The circumstances for this to occur must be from a broad passionate association when a message speaks when you are in dire need and desperation. The foundation can be from an inspiration book, episode, or a person, tweeting can hardly deliver that kind of impact.

A life
The phrases ‘get a life’, ‘live your lives’ are very common among men nowadays. These expressions unquestionably give people a new meaning in our social-sites and device-crazed principles. You cannot purport to live life to the fullest if you live your life online. Computers, gadgets may never give true happiness; they can block you from what matters in your real life.
People are not just refined computers and life on planet Earth is not only an environment. Technology continues to grow and improve every day but there are some exceptionally social practices that will always remain intact. Technology will never be in a position to imitate them.
Finding Yourself
You can never find yourself on the internet. You may read articles, blogs about writers who write about happiness, making money, success, finding your higher power, maximizing your potential. The real truth is that you can only experience these things in the real world.


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