you can use G mail to send money

Sending Money through Gmail

While the internet is linked to so many breaches and cyber-crime, it is never purely safe. Most people are reluctant when it comes to transacting money online but. Sending money via Gmail signifies one of the most reliable money transference methods online. This feature in G mail is incorporated into Google Wallet. A provision that acts as a channel between your bank and the addressee’s bank. When you send money through this platform, the recipient never handles your information. Relevant information is usually retained by Google.

Easy process

Transacting through Gmail is as simple as sending an email. All it takes is that, you pledge the operation by the introduction of a new email to a friend. Towards the bottom of the email, a display is an icon with a dollar sign. When you click on it, the transaction information screen is brought. You are then requested to activate Google Wallet to send money for the first time. Proceed to feed in relevant info from your credit card, debit card and bank account, which is later stored in Google Wallet stores for future uses. At that juncture, you key in the number of figures you intend to send. Google then debits the specific amount of money from your card or bank account and transfers it to the recipient promptly.
Google Wallet account can also be used to make purchases online. Majority of the people benefit from this service as they do not have to trust dealers with relevant bank and card details.

Google’s Defenses

Google is the company where most information technology gurus want to work. As a result, its security set-up was created by the best brains. The company which was launched in 1998 and it has never not even once for almost two decades suffered a significant security breach. For operators of Google Wallet, the tool you use to send money via Gmail has several safeguards.

Password Security and Remote Deactivating

When it comes to online payment system on your device, the most prominent security threat comes from unauthorized personnel accessing your device. Google Wallet offers some structures to protect you if happen to misplace or lose your mobile device.
It is recommended, to set up two personal identification numbers to access Google Wallet. This gives a robber two password layers he must go through to obtain Google Wallet.
You can also disable Google Wallet remotely, that is if you have misplaced your device. There is no need to worry. Directly access the application from another mobile device, and disable it.
SSL Encryption
Your payment information is never evident on the server where it is stored. Google has the best encryption methods. The chance to breach is almost next to impossible.
Confidence in data safety
Despite security breaches in companies like Sony Pictures, Cyber-crime is unheard off, and hackers no matter how hard they try have never succeeded when it comes to Google. With

the company’s commitment to security chances of ever hacking are very minimal. For those using Google Wallet to send money via Gmail, they can be guaranteed and confident about their data and info as security breaches are unheard off in Google.

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