5 things you don’t know about Google Play

 5 Things you don’t know about Google play

Google faces mixed reactions for disintegrating its submissions, by taking measures towards uniting its digital media services. Google Play is a service that integrates applications such as Google Music, docs, Movies, and Applications into one hub.

Google Music, Google eBook store, and the Android Market were joined to create Google Play. You can purchase song, shows, books, and applications at play.google.com, but your purchases will also be stored in the cloud. You can also perform this on your Android device or tablet using the several Google Play applications.

The Web and mobile stay synchronized. When you download an application or movie on the Play Web site, that content will become directly available on your Android device or tablet. To add on, if you purchase and download a movie on your Android tablet, you can also view it on your computer. It occupies little space on your computer or device as this downloads are stored on the cloud’s server.

The Play Store is life at play.google.com. If you try to go to the Android Store, you’ll be redirected to the Play Store. Installing them manually is the best option as you will not have to wait for Google to update them for you

On your Android device, you’ll get four application updates:
The Android Market is now known as Play Store
Google Music referred to as Play Music.
Google Movies now referred to Play Movies.
EBook store now referred to Play Books.

You cannot upload your movies or songs

Google Music, which permits you to hoard up to 50,000 songs, will always remain unchanged. The only thing has changed it’s in the name, Play Music. Any composition you already procured or uploaded is still obtainable, and you can endure uploading your blockages at music.google.com, or on the new Android application known as Play Music.

Cinemas are a diverse story. Unfortunately, Google does not permit you to upload your movies/ videos for access in the cloud. The Play Movies application exclusively functions as a movie payment service.

4. Google Play is not limited to only Android users

Even though Play is comprehensively advertised to Android operators, Any Google user across the globe can use the provision to take benefit of the cloud-based content executive. So, you can upload and acquire music, and purchase files on one device, and access it all on any other device.
When you charge a movie on Play Movies, it instantaneously becomes obtainable on any Google device.

5. Google Play’s cloud-based nature cannot destroy your data plan

As much as all your content is stored in the cloud, it is also presented for disconnected playback. That includes files, composition, and borrowed movies. The amount of material you can save while you are not connected to the internet, or reserve, will be restricted to your phone or tablet storage capacity.

To avoid your data plan being prone to impairment, connect to a WI-Fi connection before downloading anything for offline viewing.


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