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Being the most popular search engine in the World Wide Web, Google has already given so much to people with its ever advanced and newer applications introduced. With the highly advanced and functional features of Google, more and more people consider downloading and installing it within their computer systems. However, not all people are familiar how this program is installed, so only some get to take full advantage of it.

You need to know how www.Google download works so as to take full advantage of the features it offers. Downloading and installing Google browser can be as easy as the processes of other applications and programs. You simply need to search through the right instructions that are widespread online.

If you want to have Google browser downloaded and installed in your device, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Access any online browser on your compatible device. You can do this in any of your computers.
  2. Visit the web page of Google and continue to its support page.
  3. In the same page, you will view the download button for the file you intend to get. It might be named as “Download Google”. Click on that button.
  4. Once you click on it, you will be displayed with the window displaying the license agreement of Google. You may agree to that agreement by hitting on the button named as “Accept and Install”. By doing this step, you will then allow your computer from automatically downloading and installing Google browser.
  5. After it has been installed, you will then need to select the appropriate default search engine for Google, which is located on the dialog box named as “Welcome to Google”. After selecting what you prefer, Google will then open automatically.

You may want to access your Google browser manually through a double click on the Google icon found in the desktop.

Using Google as your web browser can be very beneficial. The advantages of its use primarily include the following:

  • Google is a really very prompt web browser. It helps you load and display web pages in extremely fast pace.
  • With this browser, you may drag certain tabs out having separate windows. This is possible without any difficulty and may get it back once again using your cursor.
  • Google comes with an extremely simple, basic design, which makes it even easier to utilize.
  • The page for start-up is listing the latest and most common pages you have visited. This will then enable you from clicking and access these pages with ease.
  • Your Google browser may also translate pages automatically into the language that you prefer for better understanding of their content.
  • With Google, you will be able search through the internet using its address bar at any given time.

  • When a certain website crashes on any of your open tabs, the other tabs you opened won’t be affected.
  • You can browse through the internet without being traced with the use of the new private feature of Google known as Incognito.
  • Different from Safari and Firefox, you may modify the theme and color of your browser.
  • Google is even faster than FireFox and Explorer.

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