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Over time the effectiveness of using Microsoft office has been questioned. This is specifically when you are considering its use in a business perspective manner. Microsoft office contains word spread sheets which are commonly use in the business world. Microsoft office was based on desktop installed software while google docs are based on cloud. These means that your work will be saved on cloud and you are in a position to access your work from any device which is connected to cloud. When using the google doc, you will not have to worry about the various licenses which are a mandatory when using Microsoft office

Google doc has an office suite which meets the needs of your company or enterprises. This has become very famous to the groups of people who are involved in running business. Usually small businesses most of the time start with google docs for free and they later upgrade to a version which has additional features for $5 per user on a monthly basis.

Google doc offers a great opportunity to business which is aiming to reduce their startup capital. Once you have created an account with google, you can start to create, store and share the documents which you have created. The best factor is the power of moving spreadsheets, documents, presentation among others in the cloud. Your business will no longer need to have data storage or back up to save your only use of a smart or tablet you can access your work and edit it.

Google doc offers a high level of compatibility with other platforms. The following are the most notable

1. Can convert most files to google doc format

2. You have the ability to invite other people to collaborate on a doc, give them the ability to edit, comment among other levels of access.

3. Have the ability to collaborate online and chat with other collaborators

4. Ability to view your documents’ history and also any revisions

5. You can download your google doc to your desktop and can be in the following formats: word, openoffice, RTF, PDF, HTML or zip files

6. Ability to translate a document to other different languages

7. You can email to others as attachment

The big business have been quick to realize the opportunity being offered by doc and have embraced the use of it. Major newspapers have embraced the use of this app.

Specifically for spreadsheet the users of google docs have all the options of editing as there are in excel, there is new level though which have been incorporated. There is the ability to chat real time about a specific spreadsheet by use of google docs.

Spreadsheet application offers

1. Import and conversion .xls, csv.txt

2. Export .xl.txt. csc and formatted date and also PDF and HTML files

3. Create chart and gadgets

4. Embed a spreadsheet, or a group of individual; sheets into your blog

Docs will enable you to spend less time learning how to use the software and how to integrate the use to your business.

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