Tricks and Curiosities of Google Translate

Google Translate is a very effective tool which offers tools that are little known by most of its users.

Translation is the key when interpreting any message in a language that we do not master. This is a task reserved for translators and interpreters who through their knowledge can process and translate truthfully any speech or text. However, when we do not have a translator to understand a language we do not speak, we must rely on technological tools such as Google Translate to achieve the true meaning of the messages.

Although the automatic translators are not recommended when it comes to translating literary texts or documents that need a certain precision, they can help simplify some daily tasks of students and professionals. The Google translator in its web version and application contains some of the best translation technologies in various languages which are very useful for translating terms, knowing their true pronunciation, synonyms, and meanings.

Google Translate

When translating a text from a language that we do not understand, we do not always have the possibility of giving it to a translator. To get us out of trouble, there are different platforms and technological applications that give us a literal translation and help us get a little closer to the true meaning of the message.

If you want to get the most out of Google Translate, we offer you a list of tricks that few users of the program know, so you can translate everything you need and learn about new languages in the process.

Tricks and Curiosities of Google Translate:

# How to pronounce different terms?

You can learn the pronunciation of any word you translate through this tool. To hear the correct pronunciation, you just have to press the button represented by the icon of a microphone.

# How to translate a text from an image?

To be able to do this, you must have the translator’s application on your phone. You must open the translator’s application, choose the language you want to translate, press the camera icon, press “import”, choose the image to translate and select the text.

# Voice translation:

This tool can be used both on the web and in the mobile application. You must press the microphone icon and speak when you are told “Speak now” on the screen so that the program can catch the word and translate it for you.

Google Translate

# Translate a document of different length:

This tool can be used from the translator itself, without the need to use Google Docs. When you’re in the Google Translate interface, click on “translate a document” to load a file. This tool accepts a wide variety of formats.

Some More Tricks:

# Translation of a specific word within a sentence:

If what you need is the translation of a phrase or word within a text to understand it better, you can look for more information of the word in the section “alternative translations and uses”. You can see it by double-clicking on the term or phrase.

# Save translations of words and phrases:

If you want to remember your most recent translations, you can add them to a list of favorite phrases that are saved in your Google account.

Google Translate

# Translate with a camera:

To use this tool, you must click on the camera icon in the app and point to any object that has an inscription in another language. Define the original language and automatically, the application will perform the translation of the registration in real time.

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