How to store data in google drive

Google Drive lets you to access your Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, & drawings from anyplace. But what about your previous files, images, videos, & even PDFs? How do you send your Google Docs to somebody who does not usage Google Drive?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to import these files & folders into Google Drive, with unsupported file types. You will also learn how to export files & publish them to the web.

Importing Files to Google Drive

There are some easy ways to import supported files to Google Drive, with dragging documents from the desktop and uploading direct in Google Drive. Supported file kinds include:

For documents: HTML, RTF, Word, Open Office, PDF, Text file

For spreadsheets: CSV & HTML, ODS, PDF, XLS, TXT (only for a single sheet)

For presentations: PDF, PPTX, TXT

For drawings: PNG, JPEG, SVG, PDF

Not all files type is supported. Uploading .notebook files, for an example, will work changed.

Drag and Drop Method

To ingress a maintained file from the desktop, open your Google Drive. If you want to upload the document to an exact folder, open that folder before beginning the import.

Resize your Google Drive window so that the share of the desktop containing the files is visible. Then, right click on the files section & drag it from the desktop into your Google Drive.

When you have dragged the files into your Drive, a discussion box with Upload Settings will exposed. You can choose whether to convert the file to a Google documents, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, or keep the files in its unique format.

Finally, a position bar will open at the bottom right needle side of your window, showing you the development of your upload. When the upload is totally, the file will appear in your Google Drive.

Uploading Directly in Google Drive

If the files you need to upload is not situated on your desktop, you can also importation openly from the Google Drive window.

Press the red arrow button next to Create in your Google Drive. You will be prompted to select whether you are uploading a Files or a Folder.

Once you choose Files, a file dialogue box will open. Locate the files you need to upload & select “Open”. A new dialogue box with Upload Settings will open. You can choose whether to change the files to a Google document, spreadsheets, presentation or drawing, or save the file in its original format.

Finally, a position bar will exposed at the bottom right hand side of your main window, showing you the growth of your upload. When the upload is finish, the file will ready in your Google Drive.

Google Drive does not support all files types. If your file type is not maintained, it means that the file cannot be changed to a Google Doc, and cannot be watched in Google Doc viewer. But, unsupported files can be kept in Google Drive in their unique format & opened using a third-party allowance or local apps. As a sample, I will display you how to upload at .notebook file, which are files created for SMART boards in classrooms.

Use both of the methods from above to import your file into Google Drive, either the drag and drop method or upload directly in Google Drive. When the Upload Settings dialogue box opens, deselect the “Convert” option. Because the file is not maintained, it will not convert.

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