Choosing the right Google applications to download

Nowadays, everybody heard of Google, the company that owns the fastest and most popular search engine in the world. This is one of the largest companies and one that offers many types of services and products to clients from all around the world. They succeed to maintain high levels of quality and to constantly take us by surprise with their new releases and this is what makes it continue be one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Next to the performing search engine that everyone has heard of, there are many download-Google applications that one can find and use for maximum efficiency in various domains and activities. Thus, even though most of the people are familiar with the existence of Google search engine and Google mail client, there are plenty of Google applications that can also help us.

Google Chrome is the browser released by Google, and presently one of the best to use. The company recently released Chrome 13 version that comes with the advantage of speed over other browsers. This functionality is known as Instant Pages and allows users to faster view web pages due to the fact that it loads them in the background. Another great functionality of Google Chrome 13 is Print Preview, which allows the display of web pages before sending the page for printing. More than that, the browser solves many security problems that are characteristic to other browsers.

Another smart download-Google application is Google Desktop, a tool that give users the possibility to almost instantly find any file in the computer memory, from received emails to Word, music, movie or image files. The application lays all your information at hand and also helps with organizing various files in the computer. Right after its installation, the program starts indexing your email, files and Web history, process which can last up to a few hours, but it is only performed once and without slowing down the computer. Google desktop is also extremely useful when it comes to finding deleted files, security and advanced search options.

One of the most appreciated download-Google applications is Google Gadgets, a tool that can be placed anywhere on the desktop and displays important series of elements, such as a calendar, the weather, customized news and so on. The tool allows maximum levels of flexibility since you can move any gadget on the desktop, as well as on the sidebar. Next to this, Google Calendar helps you properly organize your time, establish your meetings, as well as discover new events made public by other sources. Among other functionalities, it also allows you to share events from your own calendar and send invitations.

Google Talk is the download-Google application that allows users to interact with friends, relatives or business partners by calling them or sending messages. It involves an extensive list of features, such as viewing others’ profiles and learning what music they listen to when discussing with them.

Cartography was much more difficult until Google Maps was released, a tool that offers free online maps and satellite imagines. The application provides users with tools to mark the locations, routes and attach images or video clips, as well as custom maps.

When it comes to photography, Picasa Web Albums is a download-Google application designed to help users in storing digital photos on the web, as well as editing them. The application allows users to organize and share photos through the internet with ease, since the images are automatically resized and no advertising displayed next to them.

For those who have a lot of data to organize by the means of Excel tables and similar features, Google Spreadsheets can be very useful. All saved documents can be easily stored on Google servers and the data is accessible to the users, no matter the location. Also, you can create documents, edit them online and have them available to multiple users in real time. Similarly, Writely Beta is a text processor by the means of which one can save online documents and edit them no matter where they are located. More than that, the program includes a backup function active every 10 seconds and the possibility for simultaneous editing by multiple persons at the same time. The space that can be used to this purpose is unlimited.

Another amazing download-Google application is the popular Google Earth – you can use it to explore every corner of the planet. By using it, you can go from satellite images to views near your location, and you will even be able to view your car and house. This is one of the most appreciated applications since it allows detailed visualization of Earth’s surfaces.

Another fun application that you can download for free is Google SketchUp, which you can use to build your 3D dream house or an entire city. This is extremely useful for architects, but everyone can have fun and enjoy its features.

Last, but not least, Gmail brings the highest quality when it comes to mail clients and more and more users choose this option instead of others.

In time, Google became much more than a simple search engine and is now part of any online user by the means of the multitude of free applications the company released. Part of the applications Google offered in time became very popular and the best on the market almost instantly, as was the case with Google Earth. On the other hand, there are also some download-Google applications that are not as spectacular, but they still must be tried at least once. No matter if we speak of instant messenger tools, such as Google Talk, of desktop search tools, of less known programs, such as Google Notebook, of web browsers, such as Google Chrome or toolbars for other browsers – since Google Toolbar is also a popular application that many users choose, you can find them all with ease, download them and test them at any time, the company offering practically all you need in terms of online applications and not only.

Below you can find the links to download Google applications

Google Talk


Google Earth


Google Chrome

Google Maps http://www.google-maps.en.softonic.com/pocketpc/download
Google Spreadsheets http://download.cnet.com/Google-Docs-Spreadsheets/3000-2064_4-10608746.html
Google Desktop http://download.cnet.com/Google-Desktop/3000-2379_4-10328117.html
Google Gadgets http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Environment/Tools/Google-Gadgets-38486.shtml
Google Calendar http://learn.googleapps.com/calendar
Picasa Web Albums http://picasa.google.com/
Google Keep  https://drive.google.com/keep/