What is Google Talk and what are its benefits?

        Google Talk, also called by most of its users as GTalk or Google Chat, is a downloadable instant messaging service made by Google. This new Google software allows you to make text and voice chats for free. Its text chat features instant messages that allow you to share your thoughts in real time. It has status updates to let you know what your friends are up to and to know if theyíre around. The text chat functionality also gives you the ability to transfer file. With this feature, you can quickly send and receive files. While the voice chat features a PC to PC long distance call to people from anywhere in the globe free of charge. Moreover, you can also talk to multiple people through its audio conferencing feature. Lastly, because of its Google mail integration, you can communicate with your friends in your Google mail account. This software can be used by different platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows (XP, Server 2003, Vista, and Windows 7), and Google Chrome OS operating systems and was released on August 24, 2005.

        Those are the basic features of Google chat and it also has advanced features that you should know about. These advanced features provide so many benefits to users. First is its block feature that gives you the ability to avoid any unwanted contacts from communicating with you through Google chat. Next feature is the Google Talk Chat Logs that will help you in recalling a previous chat with a friend. For the sake of convenience, the chat logs are archived in your Google mail. In the event that you donít want to archive a particular chat in your Google Talk Chat logs then this feature of Google chat will surely lend you a hand about that. The feature is called the ďGoing off the recordĒ feature which turns off the IMís archiving on Google chat if you donít want the conversation to be recorded into your chat logs. By clicking on this feature, you no longer have to worry about deleting a conversation on your Google chat later.  Now, if youíre looking for a way to send free text messages to your family and friends, look no more because Google chat offers that kind of service. Its text messaging feature will surely come in handy for emergencies.

        Do you have a relative or a friend who lives outside the United States? Donít bother spending money in order to talk to someone abroad because Google Chat allows you to place international PC-to-phone calls without any charge through a free service called Gtalk-to-VoIP with the use of Talkster. Talkster has local numbers in over 30 countries that includes Austria, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Czech Republic, China, El Salvador, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Ireland, Hong Kong, Latvia, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Mexico, Lithuania, Peru, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, and United States. Other features of GTalk include Google Talk Voicemail that comes in handy if you have a lot of things in mind that you want to say and finally, the Google chat room. Launching the party chat room of GTalk allows you to invite selected people and start your very own private chat room.

        GTalk doesnít just come with handy and reliable features that could meet your communication needs. It also presents itself with different advantages that will make you like Googleís GTalk more. One of which is its no Java and no ActiveX installation that makes GTalk easy to download and install. It only requires low-bandwidth, uses AJAX, and auto-refreshes your chat. It uses CGI proxy services when accessing your IM accounts allowing you to use your account in GTalk even if the software is blocked at school or at work. GTalkís benefits also extend its reach to the business environment. Because GTalk can be easily downloaded and accessed, employees and employers can communicate important information with each other making them more productive in a faster rate. Productivity of employees can be shared anywhere because GTalk can also be accessed online making communication light and quick. By simply installing the Google Chrome browser and enabling the desktop notifications in your Google mail settings, you will no longer miss a single chat even if youíre in a meeting or conducting a product demo for a customer. In other words, through GTalk, multi-tasking becomes easier and more doable. GTalkís feature of allowing you to send a text message becomes very useful in the event that you donít have access to your mobile device. The voice and video calling of GTalk gives the options to talk to your teammates or just simply to talk to one person about a work problem youíre working on. Moreover, the Google Hangout feature of GTalk allows an easy collaboration with anybody in your work place without having to be close with each other.

        Another advantage of using GTalk is doesnít require too much of your hard disk simply because it is only a small program. GTalk gives you another option to communicate with anyone in the world over the internet for free. One of the biggest benefits of this software is itís free. You do not have to pay for its installation and for using the entire service including making voice calls. GTalk also is very fast and reliable in sending files including files that are large in size.        What do people say about GTalk and its features? People have expressed their love about this software. Userís of GTalk say that the software has a fast connection, itís not complicated to install and use, and is very user-friendly.

        With all these reliable features that come in handy in every situation you get yourself into, whether a need for important information to be sent to a colleague at work, or planning a surprise party with your friends, or you just simply want to say hi to a relative or a special someone, GTalk can be there to provide your communication needs.