Benefits and Gadgets in Google Spreadsheets

With an internet connection, a Google account and a computer, you can experience the benefits of Google Spreadsheets. Creating spreadsheets has never gotten easier. If you are used to Excel, then you will find Google Spreadsheets much more user-friendly. The application is made available for everyone; no need for payments and software installation.

If Google Spreadsheets can be summed up to one word, it would be “simple.” Users are very happy with how simple the application is. It does not take long for a person to learn how to use the application and create spreadsheets themselves.

Sharing is another capability that most users are happy about Google Spreadsheets. Group works are made easier with Google Spreadsheets because people can access them on the internet wherever they are. Group mate can be at home or in the mall, but they can still access their documents as long as they have internet connection. This gives people much more flexibility and makes it easier for groups to work with different schedule. Also, unlike Excel files that get passed from one another, Google Spreadsheets can allow more than one person to edit their document at the same time.

Google Spreadsheets can store your documents online. This eliminates the need to create backups for the fear of losing files. Any Google Spreadsheets user can save their documents online in their Google account. Anyone can gain access to it as long as they are allowed by the creator and have the URL to the document.

However, there are some things that Google Spreadsheets does not allow. One is the ability to print. Being an online application, it cannot connect directly to a printing device. A person will have to download the document and se another program in order to be able to connect to a printer and print. The second is the speed at which Google Spreadsheets is running. With a lot of data, the application will load a little slower. Lastly, there are some functions that are not yet included in Google Spreadsheets. If compared, for example, with Excel, Google Spreadsheets does not allow keyboard shortcuts for formatting and filtering.

Google Spreadsheets are good ways for group works to accomplish their work in because they provide flexibility and easy access. The simplicity of Google Spreadsheet will indicate that it is not meant for complicated jobs. The application is great for sharing and collaboration.

As simple as Google Spreadsheets can get, you can still make some modifications that will suit your job. You can install gadgets in order to add more function to your Google Spreadsheets. The following are some of the gadget and their features:

QR Codes

With the right gadget, anyone can create QR codes that will lead viewers straight to the spreadsheet. This makes it easier for you to add information in websites and other published material. On websites, other people to view your spreadsheets on the phone and other mobile devices. On published material, however, people can access your spreadsheet while they are reading a newspaper, or a magazine. This allows flexibility to readers and easier access to your work.

It is quite easy to generate your QR code. After having inserted the QR code gadget, all you have to do is drag and select the cells that you want to show up in the code. When all set, simply click Apply and Close, and your QR code will appear in the gadget’s dialog box. You are now ready to publish your QR code on a website or a printed material.

Custom Google Map

Google Maps can be incorporated with Google Spreadsheets. You can add a customized map on your spreadsheet in order to show locations to your viewers. Using the gadget Maps, you can customize your map with pointers, emphasize on the locations that you want and add descriptive to them. This is great for showing people directions and locating places.

One of the features that this gadget has is the ability to locate stores and establishments on the map for you. You can type out the addresses of the establishments you want your map to locate on a column. Next to each address, insert the names of the establishments. Using Tooltips, you can program your map to have the name and address of places popping out when you run your mouse over the location. This is a great tool to locate places within a map.

Data on Maps

It is also possible to show your data on a map for better visualization. Using Heatmap, you can change the color intensity of a region/state to match with your data. The color can be adjusted to represent quantities within an area, or frequency of happenings. Regardless of how this gadget is used, it is sure to help viewers to understand your data.

Interactive Tables

Google Table is the solution for those who want more functions in their spreadsheets. Using this gadget, a Google Spreadsheets user can filter, group and even add things up automatically. This is great for those who need to work with large data and numbers.

Organization Charts

Google Spreadsheets allows its users to create charts and diagrams. This gadget is great for displaying information that represents a hierarchy or some sort. Adding diagrams makes a spreadsheet more attractive and organizing your data will help your viewers understand. They can add color and variety to your spreadsheet that is full of numbers and text.

In order to do this, you will have to create the text and arrange them accordingly in cells. The way to organize them is pretty simple. On a column, list all the items/employees that you want covered by the chart. In the column on the right of each item/employee, write down the heading that you want them to fall under. The Organization Chart gadget will arrange the data for you without any hassle.

Animated Pie Charts

If you have a one series data, you can make use of the cool Pie 3D gadget. Select the data on your table that you want to include in the pie chart and apply the appropriate Charts tool in order to create a 3D pie chart. Using the Animate tool, you can customize your chart to have arrows and additional information. You can change the chart type to suit your preference and data.