Google Maps Features and their Benefits

Google Maps is one of the best interactive map applications ever created. Google has packed the application with a lot of features that will help any driver to get to any location. It is a great driving companion. Not only that, they will be able to travel any way they wish to. In addition to that, Google Maps users can build a profile, view maps and routes, add photos and plan trips. Google has really outdone itself with the benefits and capabilities this application has.

This application comes with features that help users in each of their individual ways. These are some of the many features that Google Maps offers to their users:

My Maps

This is one of the coolest features of Goggle Maps. With My Maps, anyone can customize their maps. Users can include routes, photos and videos in locations of their maps. It is similar to making your own scrapbook of locations. You can also share your maps with your friends and the Google Maps community. People who are connected can view each others’ maps. An interesting application of this feature is to explore new places and get recommendations from people who have already been there. They will receive the routes and photos of what to expect.

Google Maps Profile

To maximize the benefits of Google Maps features, it is a good choice to create a profile. In this profile, you can connect to the Google Maps community. This will allow you to participate in sharing routes, photos, map, reviews and a lot of your experiences. In the same way, you will be able to view and make use of what others have posted.

Sharing an Identical Map

Groups and friends can now share an identical map when travelling. There is always that problem of explaining directions to others. It is difficult to recall the turns taken, landmarks and highway names. Imagine how much more difficult it is for the person whom you are trying to explain directions to. Sometimes, the problem is because of the difference of the maps that are used by people. These problems can be answered by Google Maps’ feature that allows anyone to save their session. Google has made this possible by updating your Google Maps session information and saving them in a link. This means that the journey you take can be recorded by Google Maps, including all the routes. You can send a link to your friends or relatives in order for them to recreate an exact copy of your map with the directions you took.

You can even take it up a notch and post a dynamic map on a website by embedding Goggle Maps unto a web site. You will be able post a dynamic map, not just a still picture. Viewers will be able to explore the map themselves and learn the route much better. This will be much more helpful for explaining directions.

Send Your Routes to Your GPS Device

Cars that are equipped with GPS navigation systems no longer have to feel left out when it comes to using their Google Maps on the road. It is now possible to send your routes to your GPS navigation system. This means that the route you planned on Google Maps will be followed by your GPS navigation device. This is particularly useful for those who do not have internet access with them in their car. A driver should not rely on mobile internet access because there are cases when connection fails on the road. Transferring your routes to your GOS device will be the safest thing to do.

Best Restaurant

Google has extended its search engine capabilities to its maps. Google Maps can now be used search for restaurants. Depending on the restaurant you are searching for, Google Maps will provide you with the best 10 restaurants under your search and their locations. You can also access reviews and menus of theses websites with a single click. If these restaurants do not fit your budget or craving, Google Maps will provide you with alternatives at the side bar. This is perfect for anyone who is rushing to find a new restaurant in town or anyone who is planning a trip.

Business Directory

This is a feature that most business owners will appreciate. Google Maps allow you to add a location of your business outlets and franchises on their map. Your locations will be added on the maps and will be available for anyone who looks them up. To businesses, this is a free publicity opportunity. Your business might even come up in the searches for “best restaurants.”

Public Transport Guide

Although not fully developed, this feature is one that would be very useful to those who commute or do not own a car. This feature allows people to view the ins and outs of different means of public transportation. Locations are marked on the amp where a bus or a subway passes through. However, this feature has only been extensively developed in certain cities. Google is currently working on increasing the feature’s geographical coverage.

Alternate Routes

Like any map applications that assist drivers with their travels, Google Maps shows the quickest route from location A to location B. This is a problem when the route that is shown by an application is congested with a lot of traffic. Google Maps has modified their application by allowing users to change the route however way they want. With a simple drag of a dot, the application will change the route it shows. Any user can now change the route they take depending on which places they want to pass by on the way. In cases of traffic jams, they can choose to avoid certain locations.

Photos for Street View

Street view does not give you’re the entire image of a location, which is why Google Maps has given people the opportunity to help. Anyone can take a photo of a place and add it to the photos Street View will show to their users. The only condition is that the photo should be properly Geotagged. This will allow users of Google Maps to have multiple views of a location with the help of fellow users.