Upgrade your desktop with Google Gadgets

The use of smartphones today is inevitably increasing. One thing about smartphones that users go gaga about is the phone’s ability to download the hippest applications from major digital application distributors such as the App Store for Apple and Google Play for Android. The applications, either paid or free, usually answer an individual’s need. It varies from different categories of use, may it be for productivity, entertainment, lifestyle and more. In this contemporary age, computers are said to be somehow overshadowed by these smartphones. But this kind of application service scheme can already be obtained in your personal computer. This is made possible by Google through Google Gadgets.

Basically, Google Gadgets are downloadable extensions from Google Desktop. It is designed for the Apple Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Desktop gadgets are mini applications that work on your desktop. It allows users to modify their desktop through adding games and informative stuff. Most of the time, gadgets are placed in the sidebar wherein you can see new e-mail messages, weather, photo slideshow, news and memo pad.

It is generally paralleled to the appearance and function of widgets. Although these two things are said to be the same because they serve the same purpose, there is also a distinct difference between them. A widget works on any website while a gadget functions only on a particular website. This is because gadgets, like Google Gadgets, are proprietary. Compared to the usual Windows widgets, Google Gadgets have a better classy look that can add up to the beauty of everyone’s desktop. Also, developers are welcome to program their own gadgets.

Acquiring Google Gadgets entails an important step. Before getting Google Gadgets, downloading Google Desktop is a prerequisite. Installing Google Desktop is something not regrettable since it primarily helps you organize your files by making your computer searchable. The gadgets can be seen in the sidebar of your new desktop. There are already pre-installed gadgets like e-mail, scratch pad, news, photos, weather, web clips and Google Talk. If you wish to add more gadgets, all you have to do is right-click and select “Add gadgets”. Expect to see a pool of gadgets that are up for grabs. Browsing through the gadgets is hassle-free since the applications are categorized according to its aid.

Among all of the existing purposes of Google Gadgets, it successfully served its purpose mostly in offering productivity to its users. Because frankly speaking, not all gadgets are essential and sensible. The majority of the highest rated gadgets come from the productive aspect. And the best part is you can seize its utility whether you are online or offline, but is sometimes depend on the gadget. If you are looking forward to taking advantage with Google Gadgets’ useful side, here are some of the best and beneficial gadgets that you can download.

Google Docs is a gadget that eases you from having to open up a new window to access your documents. With this gadget, you can search, open and upload documents the convenient way. This is perfect for people with loads of files that have to be accessed from time to time.

The system monitor gadget is recommended for those users who do heavy duty workloads like editing. It is important to track the CPU usage, memory, disk and battery status. Having this gadget will help the user avoid such problems and know how to troubleshoot the issue.

Read feed gadget does its duty in following RSS feeds and provide pertinent information such as news. In contrast with the news gadget, the read feed is more extensive since it subscribes to many media platforms. It is presented in simple text that is why it is easy to read. This gadget is perfect for journalists and those who have a penchant for current events.

Dictionaries have lasted the test of time and proved its worth. It is a good thing that there is also a dictionary gadget. It frees you from having to open the web browser and go to an online dictionary or launch an application. This surely is handy in a way that you can use it anytime. Students and writers must have this gadget in their desktop.

Google Translate is also an excellent gadget ever since it has existed in the internet. People who usually encounter foreign languages find them going to Google Translate as their last resort. Not just because it is easy to use but it yields accurate results. Just imagine having the utility of this in your desktop, which makes it a lot easier.

For those who work and rely mostly in e-mail, the Gmail notifier is the gadget for them. This gadget helps in responding to e-mails the fastest way. Gmail notifier also shows just the unread messages rather than the whole inbox. It even gives an overview of the message by showing the summary of the e-mail.

There is also the Wikipedia search gadget. Wikipedia is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive sources of anything under the sun. This is perfect for people who have to be knowledgeable about different fields. Although Wikipedia has faced some accuracy issues, most of the information you can see in them are proven to be true. This is indeed perfect for quick and shallow searches.

The task list that goes with a timer is a gadget that suits best to those who are used to procrastinating. Since the conventional sticky note looking memo pads are somehow not helping in motivating a person to work, this task list surely will solve its lapses. With this, you can keep track of the things you must do in a certain day and to record the span of time it took for you to finish the job. 

        Google Gadgets is indeed a concrete answer to productivity problems. But this mini-application’s success also receives some criticisms. Since Google Desktop and Google Gadgets go hand in hand, some people, who just need the utility of Google Desktop, find the pre-installed gadgets annoying. Some say that those are useless and messes up the clean interface of the desktop. On the other hand, those who need the mere utility of the gadgets hate the fact that it is a requirement to download the Google Desktop. But there are also people who gave positive feedbacks about the two. Many reported to have replaced their default Windows widgets with respective Google Gadgets with the same use.