Google Desktop: the “search engine” for your PC

With all the curiosities that are present in this world, there are only few things that have concrete answers. Luckily, there is a nifty search engine called Google. Google played a very vital role in the lives of almost everyone. Whether one is a student who needs a basis to his homework, an employee who is tasked to research for something or just a person who wants an answer to anything under the sun, Google is their best friend.
Google, aside from being one of the most successful websites, earned the trust of the billion internet users. Who would not love Google if with merely typing some keywords; it will provide you numerous answers in just a spur of a moment. But have you ever wished having the utility of Google in your own personal computer?

Now there is this software that does the same thing in your very own computer. A search engine for your PC has arrived. All of those are made possible by Google Desktop. Apparently, this software is brought to you by Google itself. It is created for the Apple Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To date, Google Desktop is still obtainable through download in various download sites. All you have to do after downloading is to let it categorize your hard drive. It does not affect your productivity and your computer’s speed since you can simultaneously load it while you are doing something.
At first sight, the Google Desktop and Google web browser seemingly have the same design. Google Desktop can give the ease of searching for a user’s files, pictures, chat conversations, music, e-mail messages and a lot more. You can even discover the files you forgot to have. A helpful thing that this software has is its metadata search. Basically, metadata provides users search results that goes beyond the literal keyword. It somehow explains other data and gives information regarding a file’s content and context. Concrete examples of metadata results are descriptions like image resolution, file type, and even another data that is associated or has similarities with your search. It simply stretches the possibility of finding more than what you need.

Alongside the main utility of Google Desktop, you can enjoy its further features. One of which is the sidebar that is considered a noticeable feature. The sidebar contains the pre-installed Google Gadgets: e-mail, photos, memo pad, weather and news. If you want to acquire more gadgets depending on your preference, there are many functional Google Gadgets that you can download. And when you have this favorite gadget, you can move it away from the sidebar and place it wherever you want. Usually, the sidebar is placed in the right side of your computer desktop. But if you wish to remove the sidebar, you can freely set it to Auto-hide mode.

Another feature is the deskbar. It is a box that serves like a search bar that sits in the Windows taskbar. You also have the liberty to choose whether keeping it fixed in the taskbar or make it a floating deskbar instead. Searching is made easy since once you type your search keyword, results will be immediately shown in the “Quick find” window. The Quick find normally yields up to 6 of the most significant results.

Aside from gadgets, Google Desktop also involves plugins that lets your computer able to index and search files from local e-mail databanks. It somehow syncs with your e-mail services such as Gmail. In that way, the software can still track your e-mail messages for your future necessity.
Google Desktop is indeed perfect for a computer user who has a pandemonium of files and has no spare time to do some manual organization. Some would say that it made available the service that other operating systems, particularly Windows, fail to offer. Windows does not have the kind of speedy and accurate search facility.

This revolutionary software definitely frees its users from having to search folder for folder when there are direly needed files. It adds up to the convenience a computer has to offer. Google Desktop makes your computer searchable as stress-free as searching the web.
No one could ever take away criticisms when it comes to matters like this. Google Desktop also faced such issues with security. There are said to be reported events when the software tolerated malevolent parties to control the user’s system. This is really alarming since some of these parties tend to invade your system with force and eventually reach your most sensitive data. But Google Desktop has taken this issue into control by launching a new software version with a better scheme.

Privacy had been an issue then because some privacy groups raised their sentiments about the privacy of a user. According to them, the software breaches some privacy laws. They said that Google Desktop fishes personal information. The feature that they specifically addressed was the Share Across Computers wherein other people can gain access to the users confidential information. The end user license agreement was a also controversial back then because there was this statement saying that the user must agree with the potential changes in the agreement. Their point is that it is unfair for the user to agree without knowing the forthcoming terms and having to agree in the present.

In conclusion, what Google Desktop actually offers is a very complex utility without having to deal with a complicated interface. Google Desktop is has a clean and user-friendly interface. One must not worry about having to be a savvy with computer technicalities to manipulate it. Also, it does not occupy huge memory that is why there is no reason to fuss about a change in your computer’s performance.
Recently, Google launched the newest Google Desktop version 5.9. It takes pride in expanding its horizons by supporting 64 bit Windows and other browsers as well. The new version promises to be better in terms of speed and performance.

Other users who have tried Google Desktop generally gave positive remarks about the software. Most of them admit the relief it gave them especially with the searching and organizing aspect. Perhaps, it is about time for you to see it for yourself.