Google Chrome

Ever since the release of its beta version in 2008, Google Chrome has been one of the most used web browsers across the globe. Despite the continuous evolution of web browsers, Chrome was able to upgrade its features and stay ahead of its powerhouse competition. The Google team, to their credit never slacked off and is always working hard to give users around the world a user-friendly and efficient up-to-date tool to aid them with their web-surfing, not just in their PCs and laptops, but also in their android phones.


The competition between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera as well as other web viewing software did a very good job of providing the best features that users can get from them. They continue to revolutionize Internet surfing by giving people new and unique features. Whether functional or entertainment-based, these attributes and services are the leveling factor that affects people’s choice of what web browsing program to use.


What is so special about the Google Chrome web browser? What separates it from Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and all the web-browsers out there? People will see it through its following features:

















Although some of these features can be found in other web browsing software, Google Chrome and its development team brag of being ahead of updates and being among the first in implementing special features that stand out among the pack. Although Chrome is not flawless and perfect, it strives hard to meet up with user needs and never stops to make itself better. Its relentless evolution can be viewed pretty much like the Google logo on the Google search engine; it always manages to keep up with the times.