Google Calendar: Keeping You Organized

A calendar is one of the most important items any person needs to have. It tells you exactly what date it is today and allows you to check your schedule. A calendar will also allow you to schedule events and anything in your life in an organized manner. But in today’s modern world, a tangible desk calendar has already become faux pas. Most people prefer using the calendars on their phones or their laptops. In case you rely on digital calendars as well, using Google Calendar may the best digital option you have. It offers tons of features and will really help keep you organized.

Features of Google Calendar

The great thing about this digital calendar is the fact that it offers a lot of cool features other digital calendars lack. Here are some that you will surely enjoy and find helpful :-

Add Events from Gmail to Calendar – integrating Gmail and Google calendar is definitely a wise move. It allows users to instantly add an event to their calendar instantly. It basically searches for sentences or phrases in an email that seem like future appointments or events and suggest you to add it in your calendar. If you approve the suggestion, it will automatically be added to your calendar as an event.

Find a Time Application – this will help scheduling events within a group of people easier. Everyone within the group must put their calendar to public so that Google can search for the common time when all of you will be able to attend to an event. This is a great feature to easily find a time when everyone can meet.

Event Panache – this app categorizes the events in your calendar. You can select an icon to represent each kind of event like birthdays, dinners, meetings, and many more. This will automatically add the icon to the same future events.

Auto-Decline – this is an easy way for people to decline event requests without having to explain further. Good new feature for maintaining a bit of privacy.

Event Attachment – this is a great feature if you are sending out lots of emails. You don’t have to copy, cut, and paste for every email. You can simply attach a Google document and send it to everyone instantly.

Subtle Reminders – the reminders option offered by calendar can be very helpful especially for people who tend to forget events. But the thing with reminders is that they can be annoying especially if you are doing something important and it will suddenly pop up thereby halting all your activities. With the new subtle reminders, there won’t be pop ups anymore so you can continue doing what you are doing. What it will do is just the calendar window or tab will continuously blink to grab your attention until you turn the reminders off.

Benefits of Using Google Calendar

Aside from the numerous and handy features offers by the calendar from Google, users can also enjoy numerous advantages and benefits. These are definitely great for keeping your organized and synchronizing your life.

Affordable – if you run a business, you know how important keeping a calendar is. This will help you keep track of everything related to your business. From expenditure to arrival of goods to scheduled meetings – all of these can be input in your digital calendar. However, the thing with most digital calendars is that one needs to spend some money to install it. This is why calendar from Google is very affordable. It is free to use and has a lot of storage memory you can use for free as well. It will help you cut down on costs while at the same time stay organized and synchronized.

Keeps Everyone Updated – it can be very gruesome to schedule meetings and other events because people can hardly find a common time. Furthermore, because there often so many events and meetings organized and people need to attend to, you can hardly remember the people who are going to attend which event anymore. You then constantly send calls or messages to everyone just to find a common time. This can be very tedious. But with the calendar from Google, this task becomes very easy. Everyone can make their calendars public and share to everyone dates and times that they already have an appointment. This will then make scheduling meetings and events easier for you. The calendar also allows you to send invitations and allows the recipients to instantly RSVP through tools available. This will then make it easier for you to find out the people who are attending the event by simply clicking some buttons.

Reminders – we have all experienced at one point in our lives failing to attend an important event or meeting simply because we forgot. But with this calendar from Google, you can put an end to that. You can customize the reminder of the calendar so you can choose how you can receive the reminder (i.e. email, pop up message, blinking tabs) and how often you want to receive the reminder. With this benefit, you will never miss a single important event in your life again.

Offline Access – some digital calendars need to be accessed through the internet only. But calendar from Google gives you constant access even if there are no internet connections available. You can constantly check your schedule and organize events whenever and wherever you are.

Synchronize – the great thing about Google calendar is that it allows you to synchronize everything through various devices. Therefore, you don’t always need to bring your laptop with you. You can still check your calendar on your mobile phone, your PDA, or your tablet.

Calendar from Google is truly one software program that will allow you to stay on top of your game. It keeps you organized and synchronized all the time. It makes scheduling events and meetings easier. This is definitely one program that every person needs to keep his life organized.