Free Download Google Earth 2010

A wonderful way of exploring the beautiful planet that we inhabit is through free download google earth 2010. Apart from exploring the globe, you can also explore planet Mars. In Google Earth, you can select Mars from the top toolbar to start exploring the Red Planet. You can view images that have been downloaded by NASA a few hours ago, using the live from Mars layer. The tour of Mars is highly interactive, with narration by Ira Flatow of Public Radio or Bill Nye the Science Guy. You can also view a 3D rover model and follow its tracks to view high resolution 360 degree panoramas. The application enables the search of the famous Martian landmarks, including Face on Mars and Olympus Mons.

After you free download google earth 2010, you can look out for Earth Google images. You can also view constellations as well as planet movements. The application allows you to listen to astronomy podcasts or read about celestial research. You can also create and then share your imagery and place marks among others. The top toolbar of the application is where you can select the Sky mode to explore the galaxy.

With the Moon mode in free download google earth 2010, you can tour the landing sites on the moon. Apollo astronauts will provide the narration, and you will get to view 3D models of a spacecraft that has landed on the moon. You can also zoom into 360-degree photographs to see the footprints that were left by the astronauts who landed on the moon. You can also watch rare television footage of Apollo missions. With Google Earth, you can select the Moon mode from the top tool bar and start exploring.

The good thing about free download google earth 2010 is the fact that you can get an application for your Smartphone or tablet. This allows you to explore your word while on the move. This application is also made available for Android and iOS devices. Users of Android device can download the application from the Google Play store. When operating an iPhone or iPad, you can access the App Store on iTunes to download the application. You can also visit Google’s mobile website to download the application on a mobile device.

You can enjoy the educational benefits when you free download google earth 2010. The application can be used to locate different landmarks from across the globe. This can make teaching easier, and school kids can experience the majesty of the Great Wall of China or visit New York City from their classroom. If you are hiking, you can use the application to see the hiking trails that have been uploaded on your GPS. You can also view your travel photos, relieving the wonderful moments that you had in the past. Geographical data sets can also be viewed, and this dynamic application can be used by people from all walks of life.

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