How to Download Google Chrome: Step by Step Guide

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and smartest browsers these days loaded with impressive and amazing features. No wonder, many individuals today got the urge and enthusiasm to download Google Chrome for ultimate web experience. When you download this reliable web browser, you get the chance to open different web applications with ease and convenience. You can also use this browser for unlimited web surfing.

Individuals only need to follow the right steps in downloading Google Chrome and installing this to their personal computers or any compatible devices. The steps in downloading Google Chrome are as follows:

  1. Go to the official Google Chrome website. You are allowed to use any browser when downloading Google Chrome but in case that you have not installed a browser, you can utilize the pre-installed browser of your operating system.

  2. Clicking the “Download Chrome” button is the second step to take if you wish to download and install Google Chrome in your computer. The button will then open the window for Terms of Service.

  3. You have to carefully determine if you want Google Chrome to be your default web browser. If you opt to use this, you have to take note that this will open anytime when a webpage link is clicked. Sending usage data back to Google is another option and you can do this by checking the label of the box namely “Help Make Google Chrome Better”. This will be sending button clicks, preferences and crash reports back however, track websites and personal information is not sent.

  4. The fourth step in downloading Google Chrome is pressing the “Click and Install’’ button. This is commonly done when individuals are done reading the service terms. The installer will begin and when it has successfully finished you have to install Google Chrome. You may also run the program but this will somehow depend on the settings of browser.

  5. Signing in to Google Chrome is the next step. After installation, information regarding first time use will be shown. Signing in with you account in Google to sync preferences, bookmarks and browsing history of whatever Chrome browser that you will use is allowed.

In case you wish to download the Google Chrome browser in your mobile device, the following steps should be followed:

Aside from steps in downloading Google Chrome, steps for installing updates are also important for unmatched user experience. To install updates, you have to click the menu button of the Chrome found at the top right portion of the Chrome browser. Click the “Update Google Chrome” button and Google will start to download and install updates to your Google Chrome browser. You will now have to press the “Restart” button as prompted to by Chrome.

Google Chrome is an excellent browser that combines sophisticated technology and simple design. These are the factors that make web safer, faster and easier. Following the steps in downloading Google Chrome accordingly will ensure successful and speedy downloads.