How Do I Download Google Earth

How Do I Download Google Earth? This is a common question of novice computer users who want to have Google Earth in their PC. People who are interested in downloading free Google Earth can have access to high resolution satellite images of towns in cities from all over the world. Some people want Google Earth because this enables them to see recent satellite images from most locations that they prefer to go. Google Earth free is an easy to use, and safe software application that will enable you to fly anywhere in the world as well as zoom-in streets, business establishments, parks, landscapes, and more.

If you are among the novice computer users who frequently ask about downloading Google Earth, follow these instructions and you’re on the way to having Google Earth on your computer.

  1. First, you need to open your Web browser to navigate Google Earth's download Web page. There can be different websites that may offer Google Earth Free Download, and you must choose the official web page of Google.

  2. Second, at Google Earth download website, you need to click the blue button with written text "Download Google Earth 6" before you open the download page.

  3. Third, if you have Google Chrome as your web browser, you need to unclick the button that says "Include Google Chrome, a fast new browser for Windows and Mac." However, you can leave it checked if you have different browser

  4. Fourth, click the “Agree and Download” button at the Privacy Policy page of Google. Note that you still need to read the Privacy Policy Agreement to ensure that you understands the terms of use of the software application

  5. Fifth, you need to double-click the Google Earth.dmg file in the download folder in order for the installation screen to open. You can now drag the icon of Google Earth to your hard drive to begin the installation.

  6. Lastly, restart your computer after the installation is finished.

How to Download Google Earth Street View?

To download Google Earth street view is extremely easy. Just launch your web browser and navigate to the Google Earth download page. Click on the large "Download Now" text or a green button located on the left of the text to immediately start downloading the "bootstrap" file. Launching the bootstrap file is essentials as this is needed before you download the entire Google Earth program. Launch the file once the download is complete, and the program will automatically start downloading the street view into your hard drive.

How to Download Google Earth GPS?

To download Google Earth GPS is easy. Just click on the "Start" menu, click on "Programs" then click "Google Earth." Connect your GPS device to your computer through a USB cable and turn it on. Navigate the Google Earth menu bar and click on the "Tools" button and then click "GPS". Select the device type where you wish to download the date from Google Earth; then click "Import." Google Earth will automatically display the progress of and immediately notify you is the download is complete.