Google Translate Toolbar Download

With Google Translate Download, you will be able to translate pages with contents that are not written in your language. Google Translate is an add-on that allows you to translate text to your own language simply by clicking a hot key. This add-on will translate a selected text or translate the entire page.

Download Google Translate Toolbar for Internet Explorer

A Google Toolbar can actually give your Internet Explorer browser with a shot of nitro. Google Toolbar has set of features that offer powerhouse of personalized functionality that can work on IE 6 and IE 8 users as well as for users who are using earlier versions of Internet Explorer. Google Translate Toolbar download will enable you to translate texts on any webpage that is not written on your own language. Moreover, you can benefit from other features of Google Toolbar including pop-up blocker, autofiller, spell checker, and map tools.

Download Google Translate Toolbar for Firefox

Basically, Google Translate is an add-on that will try to set the detected page language to your default language. If this is not possible, then English will be the default language of the translation. It is recommended that users must choose less text to translate. Otherwise, the process of translation will become slower. Maximum of 38,000 characters of long text is recommended for single translation process. If you select more than that, an alert box will appear on the toolbar. You also need to exclude tables and pictures when translating pages as these can disappear, and mystic text can appear on the page.

How to Translate Texts?

First, you must select a long text that you do not understand, or select a page that is written in a different language. You can use Google Translate Toolbar in three different ways.

As soon as the progress of translation starts, a Red T will become green, and it will become red again as the translation process has ended. The translation process only takes a second or two, or even longer depending on the speed of your internet connection.

In addition, Google Translate Toolbar offers different language translation to any web browser. The available user interface languages that this add-on can translate include English, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Bulgarian, German, French, Japanese, and Hungarian as well as Polish, Korean, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Turkish, and Spanish. You can visit the official website of Google's Translation Browser Buttons to get further information about Google Translate Toolbar.

The Google Language Tools proves that Google helps improve the Web by providing internet users with easy access in online surfing through translating languages. Download Google Translate Toolbar today, and make your search easy and simple.