Google Talk Download Latest Version

Google Talk is a software application that allows its users to instantly communicate with their friends through calls and instant messages. Google Talk download latest version is available for both mobile devices and computers. With this new version of Google Talk, users can enjoy high-speed chatting experience without connecting with their desktop. Moreover, this latest version of the software supports Google accounts and is compatible with several formats such as Adium, Gaim, iChat, and Trillian. You can actually log-in in any of these accounts since they all use jabber technology.

Key Features

  • Instant Messaging: The latest version of Google Talk can provide users with real-time extensive messaging. In addition, this also supports instant messaging with service providers that support XMPP.
  • Mobile Devices: This latest version of Google Talk is compatible with Tablet, iPhone, Windows mobile, Sony’s mylo, Android version 2.3.4., and Blackberry.

  • Notifications: The Google Talk latest version notify its users for new messages on their Gmail account as well as all incoming voice calls and instant messages. This is highly efficient if you’re going to open another program while using Google Talk at the same time.
  • Software Integration: The integration of Gtalk to Gmail allows its users to send messages without opening other tabs or other software.
  • Video calls: It is worth to remember that all calls are free and if you use a headset, the voice quality is certain to be high. But it is always up to configure to use this option or not.

Google Talk latest version is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. This can run on any mobile device and computer as long as users have at least 56k dial-up of Wi-Fi internet connection.

Windows Functionalities

Once Google Talk latest version is completed, the software application will enable receiving and sending instant messages and voice calls, exporting contact lists from Gmail account, sharing files, creating group chats, and showing the list of music that you’re listening to. In addition, video and phones calls are readily available. All you need to do is to install the necessary plugins. Unlike other instant messengers that are available, Google Talk notifies emails. Moreover, alerts will also be displayed every time an email enters your inbox.

The “Settings” button allows users to provide new templates to customizing the layout. Additionally, there are also various options available that you can choose from to set the notifications and status setting. This includes available, idle, busy, and etc.

The latest version of Google Talk has customizing options and a simple user interface. Several users claim that this software application is based on old-fashion style, but most users appreciate the simplicity of the program. What is important is that this software application is suitable for both experienced and novice users and is user-friendly.

With Google Talk latest version, users will have the opportunity to communicate through calls and messages at no cost wherever they are. This software application is readily available for both computers and mobile phones.

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