Google SketchUp Free Download

Google SketchUp free download is free and easy software that is used for 3D modeling. It is not competing against with full- developed CAD tools or with professional 3D software but this software is also accompanied with features that are applicable and can be enjoyed by a home- based 3D hobbyist. It is completely free for your personal use.

The Google SketchUp is considered as a 3D modeling program that converts 2D pictures into 3D. It is a kind of software that is designed to create 3D images that are related to professionally inclined projects. This offers cool effects and textures and as well as draw tools. It is also compatible with Google Earth and the Google maps that allow you to do 3D localization on them. This software also supports formats such as JPG, TIF, PNG, SKP, BMP, or DEM and a lot more.

Google SketchUp can be downloaded by going directly to its website which is On its page, click on the “Download SketchUp”, a blue button found at the right side of the page. There are two options that will be given to you on which version of sketchup you want to download, it is either SketchUp Free, the free version or the SketchUp PRO that includes Layout and Style Builder. Before you download the software, make sure that you will check and read the requirements and license upon downloading, and if you agree to the terms and conditions, click “Agree and Download”. After clicking, a pop-up window will appear that is asking if you want to save the said file by clicking “Save File”. Once that you have already downloaded the software, open the saved file then follow the instructions given in the “Install Sketchup” that will help you in the installation process.

There are similar programs that go with Google SketchUp like the Google SketchUp Pro, a professional version that has functional characteristics such as layouts and mainly designed for people that are into engineering and construction. Another is the Cinema 4D if you’re are fascinated with short film and animation because with the help of this program, you can create images and animations that can be converted into a game format or if you want it into cool videos. It has more advanced programs and is definitely fast with a great range of compatibility with other programs.

This software also allows the finished projects to be exported to the Google’s 3D Warehouse and the created models through this SketchUp software can also be placed on Google Earth’s maps, not just that but it can also be printed out and can be saved on HDD.

This software is applicable to Microsoft operating system with the following versions: Vista, Windows 7, Windows8 and Windows XP. It comes with different versions making it compatible with different operating systems.

This software is very ideal for those who are home- based 3D hobbyist that enjoys creating houses and also applicable to professional people that are architectural and engineering inclined. Regardless of being simple, it is also accompanied by sophistication that everyone can enjoy as long as they embrace on how to learn the process using the software of Google SketchUp. Download it now and enjoy!