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Google is not just a search engine but the key behind the amazing Google Chrome web browser, Google Voice, Google Docs and now, the Google OS or operating system. Google has unveiled the popular desktop operating system that is officially known as the Chromium OS. This is considered as an open-source project with a goal of becoming simple, fast and protected operating system. The Google OS is recommended for those individuals who spend most of their time online.

Google OS or Chromium is originally based on Linux and can run on either USB or Live CD. It has also the capacity to be easily installed in the hard drive of a computer. The few hardware requirements of this operating system provide it the capability to offer new life to old computers that fail to run under the old versions. If you have a spared computer at home or in the office, you can try Google OS download.

There are several steps that you need to follow when you engage into the download process. By just simply facilitating the download process with the aid of these steps, individuals can now explore and take advantage of what this operating system has to offer. The step in downloading Google Os is outlined below:

  • Step One

    Downloading the Google OS is the very first step to take and you can further facilitate this by clicking a particular link to the page. Wait for the allotted time and click the “Regular Download” button.

  • Step Two

    Enter a Captcha or a code for verification and click the “Slow Download’’. The downloading speed will depend on your internet connection. It is advisable that you must observe patience while the downloading of Google OS is in progress and wait until it is completely done.

  • Step Three

    Place the new burned CD to the CD-ROM drive and click CTRL+ALT+DEL to be able to restart the system.

  • Step Four

    Click “Enter” button t start the Google OS.

  • Step Five

    The installer icon must be double-clicked using the left mouse key.

  • Step Six

    Type the word “Root’’ in the authentication window and click the “Continue’’ key.

  • Step Seven

    Choose the desired language and keyboard layout utilizing the drop-down menus offered.

  • Step Eight

    When doing the download, you are also required to read and understand several license terms. Once you agree with the terms, proceed by pressing the “Next” button.

  • Step Nine

    Choose the time zones and the region utilizing the drop-down menus. Configuring the time can also be done if needed.

  • Step Ten

    Pressing the “Next’’ button to accept recommended partitioning and proceed with the next step by clicking the “Next ’’ button again.

  • Step Eleven

    Verify the settings for installation and press “Install “button.

  • Step Twelve

    Back up your data before proceeding with the downloading process because the computer will be modified and there is the possibility that you will lose some data.

  • Step Thirteen

    When the installation is complete, press “Reboot Now ”; the computer will then restart in the Google OS.

  • Step Fourteen

    You can now enjoy and explore Google OS!

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