Google Earth Download Free

Originally called the Earth Viewer 3D, Google Earth is a virtual map of the globe and geographical information program created by Keyhole Inc., when Google acquired the company in 2004. Google Earth download free version and the other two versions map all of the superimposition images directly from the GIS 3D, Ariel photography, and satellite.

This application was re-released by Google in 2005. The re-released Google Earth can be used in desktops and laptops that run on Linux 2.6 and later, Windows 2000 and later, and Mac OS 10.3.9 and beyond. In May 2008, Google Earth was released as a plugin in the browsers. In addition, the application is also compatible with mobile users, particular iPhone OS users.

Goggle Earth can be downloaded from the app store for free. Also, Android users can download this app from the Android market at no cost. This application is better than other applications as it has an added imagery from Earth database.

This app also displays images in various resolutions, allowing you to view cities, streets, households, and landmarks clearly. With this app, you can actually interact with the map. In fact, this is more like a community instead of a program. Once you get this app, you can have the opportunity to choose the information to display. You can look at monuments, local businesses, civic sites, monuments, and even the commends of people who have gone to the places you want to visit.

Download Google Earth and explore sites you are interested in visiting. People who have already downloaded Google Earth have linked up their cameras to the app, which means that you can look and zoom into particular city streets, intersections, and more.

To download Google Earth is pretty simple. Search for the app at the official site of Google or at the app store, and then click “More” when the next screen opens. Scroll down until you find “Earth” in the Tools category. Click on Earth and a window titled Google Earth -Explore, Search and Discover will open. Scroll down until you see Get Google Earth (Free Version. Click the button for Download Google Earth and then follow the directions to download and to install the application on your laptop or desktop computer.

Why Download Google Earth?

People who have already downloaded Google Earth have enjoyed and still enjoying the opportunity for looking for the houses of their friends, relatives, and for potential houses. Also, the terrain feature of the app allows you to look the entire condition of the area. This app allows you get limited 3D images of the house you are considering to buy. You can view relative terrain in the surroundings of the house or in nearby locations. You can also use this app to map the driving distance between your favorite destinations and your potential residence.

In addition, Google Earth has functions similar to Google Maps, allowing you to view nearby amenities near the real estate property you are considering to buy. Google Earth free download can be limited in functionalities, and you would want to opt for the commercial version of the app.