Google Earth Download Free 2011

Given that Google is striving to improve Google Earth every year, there are different versions released for the program in each year. People who are always checking out latest versions surely did not miss the Google earth download free 2011. This only means that people can take advantage of every new feature that the program has to offer, making it easy for people to get the best out of the program from every updated version that they would get.

2 of the free downloadable versions that were release in 2011 were versions 6.0 and 6.1. These versions are equipped with different features that are not like its predecessors. People who have used it were greatly satisfied with how the program have functioned for their needs and made it more convenient for them to use it.

One of the popular features of the versions offered in 2011 is that the collection and finding of past locations tracks were made simple. Google made it possible for people to make use of their skills in making Google earth as user friendly as possible. This is their way of ensuring that people who are fond of using the program will not encounter any problems in regards with how they want to organize the places or locations that they have saved.

Google made sure that people who are going to use the latest version of Google earth in 2011 will have an easy time dealing with sorting things out and finding it immediately whenever they would use it again. If you are one of those people who encountered difficulty with finding the location that you once saved or uploaded, then the 2011 versions have improved to make this problem as easy as how you and other users want it to be.

Aside from that feature, the free download versions were improved with added features like its added ability in sorting a particular folder where you have uploaded your maps. The 2011 versions allow you to sort the folders in alphabetical order. This allows you to get the chance to sort out all of the uploaded images easily without getting confused when searching through your stored stuff.

For finding a particular map, all you have to do is to type the name of your saved map and results will show the map you are looking for. The views of specific streets were also improved allowing everyone to have thorough peek on what a particular street looks like. There were many added features in the versions released in 2011 and of course the versions released after it.

Since it is free, many people have gained the advantage of using the new and added features of Google earth during those times and were able to get the ease of having a more detailed look on the places they are looking. With the free and improved versions that the program has to offer, there is now doubt that exploring the earth through the program will always be as exciting as its previous versions released in the market.