Google Download Music

Google music allows users to download and find new music, and share it with your friends on your Google account. You can also upload your existing music for free to the “cloud”. You cam upload up to 20 thousands tracks. Google music users can stream uploaded and purchased tracks from the website or any gadget such as tablet, phone and etc.

Google music has new look, lots of services and games. Now Google has decided to brand the player as included to the Play Service. Even if the name does not precisely flow well, Google music today is more than the player powered by cloud which comes with smartphone and android.

In attempt to vie with Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes, Google come out new brand partnerships which take account of company like Sony and Universal. The outcome is a comprehensively overhauled application filled with easy to swipe playlist, a new steaming service as well as music recommendations.

The very first thing you will see is the brand card design. Google has purchased a new coat of covering to make your music experience more consistent with designs card found today in Google and Play Store as well. Swiping back and forth opens a tab with lots of choices such as Listen Now, Playlists, My Library, Explore as well as Radio.

My Library now has been changed to be much consistent with the design of Google store and Google Now. Swiping back and forth and top to bottom will open main menu to the existing track.

Apart from the complete alteration, users are curious regarding the streaming, does Google music beat Spotify or Pandora, maybe yes.

One of the innovative features of Google music is the capability to view all the music for play. You can bring up lists of the entirely generated tracks and personalize the radios to fit your choice. If you don’t want what is coming up, just hit or blow it away. You can reorder music tracks as well. This is one of the features that are not available in Pandora.

The signature three dot menus are located in the entire application, allowing you to keep music into your phones. The novel cloud based space still works; on the other hand you are pressured to go on utilizing the less stellar Google Music application. Another potential drawback of this is that the lack of free tier, you will be disbursing for the service. If you are already familiarized to the iTune, then you have to stick with it. On the other hand if you are heavily invested in Google, then it is worthwhile, especially the free thirty day trial. In respect to the size of music library, it is harder to weigh, on the other hand having the huge 3 labels onboard must assist the tastes of many music lovers.

As a whole, it is a firm hard work on the part of Google and without a doubt an enhancement compared to last year version. It is very different from Pandora and Spotify.