Google Chrome Free Download for Mac

Google Chrome is one of the widely used web browsers by internet users across the planet, thanks to its vast ecosystem of add-ons and extensions. It features a robust, reliable, and fast JavaScript Engine that loads pages within few seconds.

Google Chrome installation process is pretty straightforward and self sustaining. Once you have downloaded the installer, the browser’s installation process will commence through the standard practices of confirming traditional system directories. The installer will ask for your permission to install the program to your Mac computer and anonymously collect usage stats.

Google Chrome for Mac is a high speed browser for Mac computers. The browser is very fast and lightweight. While Firefox may consume 20% to 30% of space on your Mac’s CPU, Google Chrome for Mac will only consume 1% of your disc space. For those users who have been having serious troubles with memory leaks and crash with their web browser, this can be the right time to give into Chrome.

As what you may be expecting, Chrome for Mac also features tab browsing, which is more attractive compared to other web browsers that cram together at some point. Bookmarking and extensions are also included, like Adobe Flash plugin. Google Chrome for Mac only supports Intel Macs and do not be surprised if some of the add-on that you are using in your previous browser are not available for it yet. However, Google Chrome updates for Mac are released almost every week, so you can get the popular add-ons available for Chrome for Mac.

Perhaps, the most important advantage of Chrome for Mac is the speed. Surfing different websites at multiple tabs is fast and easy. The browser loads websites easily and quickly.

Chrome for Mac has independent tabs. Chrome’s handling of websites using JavaScript is somewhat impressive. It’s also nice to know that if one tab on the browser crashes, you can close the tab itself while the other tabs are still functional.

The new version of Chrome for Mac allows you to synchronize not just the bookmarks in different computers, but also the browser preferences. These include themes, start up setting, homepage, preferred languages, page zoom settings, and web content settings. You can also enable each Chrome extension to work securely through Incognito mode via the extensions manager.

Overall, Chrome is an excellent and reliable web browser. There are thousands of extensions you can choose from, plus the super fast browsing will make your internet surfacing experience wonderful. Google Chrome web browser supports Windows, Mac, Smartphones, and Android Devices. The latest version of Chrome features security fixes such as code execution outside sandbox, directory traversal issue, use-after-free in Blink bindings, and memory corruption in V8.

The user interface of Chrome is also among the primary reasons why it is popular among internet users across the planet. Despite having a simple user interface, it loads web pages fast. It also offers suggestions when you type keywords on the search box, which is helpful, especially if you are unsure of the term you need to use for your search.