Google Chrome Free Download Software

Google Chrome is one of the web browser options you have if you are planning to change the one you are currently using. There are lots of things that you will love about this browser once it is finally installed. It is described by its developer as a lightweight flagship browser. Currently, the browser is now one of the most widely used. That is made possible because of its vast add-ons and extensions. Versions of the browser are also released now and then, which makes the browser on the competing edge. As for the downloading and installation, it is pretty straightforward and does it by itself. During the downloading and installation procedure, you will only need to keep up with the instructions and just confirm a few things. Here are the instructions you need to follow for Google Chrome free download software.

You can use any web browser you have to download Chrome. If you do not have an installed browser yet, you can use the pre-installed one. Click the “Download Chrome” button to begin with the downloading. This will let prompt the window stating the Terms of Service to open. Read this carefully before continuing to the next step. Next is determining whether you want to make Chrome as your default browser. It will open to another program if you choose to set as the default browser.

Click the button that reads “Accept and Install” once you are done reading the Terms of Service. This will start the downloading process. You may need to run the program and that depends on your previous browser setting.

You have to sign-in to Chrome after the installation is completed. The completion of the installation will open a new window. You will a message or information in the new window that will tell you what to do in using the browser for the first time. Sign in to your Google account for your bookmarks, browsing history and preferences to be synced with the Chrome browser. You can read some tips to know more about the new browser. You can also download the installer – offline one – if you prefer, but this one is an optional choice. The offline installer will be one that allows you to use it on your computer if you do not have an internet connection. If there are many users on your computer, these steps will work only on your account. There is also a Google Chrome installer for all of the users in a computer.

These are the steps that you have to do to have the web browser installed on your computer. Once the installation is done, you can start using the browser. By installing Chrome, you will have the chance to use the endless features the browser has. These include all the extensions and plug-ins Google has developed for the customers use. Downloading the browser allows you to experience an easy, fast and secure way of browsing over the web. If you want to download the browser now, just go to Google Chrome’s website and start your download now!