Google Chrome Download Manager

The Google Chrome Download Manager is a reliable application that is responsible for looking after your downloads whether they are torrents, flash video or direct links. Many browser are now capable of handling downloads pretty well but with Google Chrome, managing downloads are completely excellent. If you are looking for complete and efficient download manager, this one in Google might be an ideal option for you. The interface is user-friendly and neat with series of buttons that user can click.


There are primary downloads coming from links that you enter. Flash video downloaded from smaller selection of famous torrent downloads and video sites and some more. Every part is easy to use and individuals can relatively drag the download links to the drop box of this download manager. The application really works, however, there are instances that it feels old fashioned and clunky. You are therefore advised to stick with a download manager along with dedicated torrent in case you need it.

This download manager from Google Chrome is considered as an all in one application that can address all your downloading needs. The schedule downloads and series of convenient functions are few of the many advantages of this download manager.

Many individuals these day are doing countless downloads of any possible topic from the internet. It would be best to stick with the download manager from Google Chrome because this guarantees easy and efficient downloading of files and managing downloads more than other download managers can do.

This download manager guarantees a significant increase in the downloading speeds by downloading the files in synchronized chunks however it can integrate on your desired download manager with Google Chrome. If you wish to download this manager, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate the download page and click the button labeled with “Add to Chrome”. This is essential in order to download extension file successfully in your computer. You need to facilitate a manual installation somehow.

  2. Press the “Menu” button and choose “Tools”. You will then be required to click the “Extensions” button.

  3. Open downloads folder, drag and drop the needed file from the download folder into Chrome and Click the button labeled “Add”.

  4. Click “Options” in the “Get Section”.

  1. Set the needed path and parameter to the download manager’s executable file then press “Save”.

  2. The last step you need to take is right clicking a particular downloaded link and press the “Download Link ‘’ button. In case you are downloading several files, you are given the option to right click anywhere in the page and press “Download All’’. The interface will then allow users to specify files they wish to download using this download manager from Google Chrome.

Since many individuals are now into downloading activities for varied reasons, having this efficient and reliable download manager can benefit them a lot. As users, there is really a need of managing downloads and this application plays vital role in fulfilling this task. You just need to follow the said steps and you are good to go.