Google Chrome Download File

Downloading file through Google chrome is something a lot of people do regularly. Whether it is installer or email attachment for a latest application, the files are placed right away in a pre-designated location on the external storage tool or local hard drive, unless or else specified.

Where these data land is an arrange setting, one which many users inclined to adjust to their wanting. Like for instance, if you have allocated folder on your desktop where you download data reside, Chrome makes it very simple to alter the default location download and the Google Chrome Download File tutorial help you in the process.

If you downstream a file through Google Chrome, it is designated in default setting on the hard drive. And Google Chrome provides you the capability to alter that location.

To download file first open the browsers, click the menu button that is represent in three flat lines. Once the menu appears, choose the labelled settings.

The Chrome’s Setting must not be shown in another window or tab, depending on the configuration. Press the key Settings located at the left pane of the menu. Then browse to the key of the webpage and press the setting Show Advanced.

Advanced Settings must now be revealed. Scroll down waiting to appear the Download menu. The Google Chrome current file downstream location is shown. To choose a new place for downloads, press the Change key.

A window must now be shown, navigate to the desired download site. Choose the latest folder or mane a new folder through clicking the Make New Folder key then click OK button.

Download location way must not show the change. Once you are pleased with the new value, close the tab to bring back to the existing browsing section.

Press the main menu key of the Google Chrome that is represented by 3 flat lines and situated on the right part of the browser window on the upper corner. Once the menu appears, choose the option labelled settings.

Then the Chrome’s Settings must not be shown is another window or depend on the configuration. Press the Setting located on the left corner of the menu, when it is selected yet. Roll to the base of the webpage and click the setting Show Advanced.

The advanced setting of the Google Chrome must now reveal. Scroll until you see the Download key. In order to choose a new site for the entire file downloads, you have to press on the change key.

A Linux data manager window must now be revealed. Navigate to the desired download place or site. Choose the latest folder or make a latest one through clicking the Create Folder Key and press the Open key.

Download location pathway must now reproduce the change. Once you are contended with this latest value, close the tab to go again to your present browsing section.

How to download file from Google Chrome is not an easy task especially if you follow these simple but very valuable guidelines.