Google Body Browser Download

As Google invades the online community, there is another extraordinary application popping over the Internet, which is the Google Body Browser. With all great features seen in the Google Earth application, Google did not stop making people amazed and excited with their newest invention. This latest Google Body Browser was launched on the Google Labs website. It uses HTML5 technology in letting a person examine the entire human body in 3-dimensional and fully layered detail.

This Google Body Browse perhaps would not load in an individual’s browser. This is because the application uses WebGL, a plug-in free interface programming in powering its 3D graphics. The WebGL is somewhat new standard and most general browsers are still assessing its implementation. Today, you can get a grip on the latest beta version of Firefox or Chrome to check it out. Ultimately, the stable versions of those browsers will be offering integrated WebGL support. If a person opens Google Body Browser in a WebGL enabled program, he is greeted with a picture of a woman that stands face-forward and wears minimal workout attire. On the left side of the screen, the controls let you zoom in and zoom out and even rotate the body of the woman. Then, you can easily click and drag using the mouse in order for her to spin around in a 3D style.

The most exciting part is by using the Google Body Browser’s layering tool. This is located underneath the zoom controls. It lets individuals peel back layers of the body in order to see detailed views of the human anatomy. It gives you a glance of the muscular structure and bumps down 1 level sheds of the skin. The next level goes to the skeletal system. If you keep going, you will get arteries, organs and veins until there is nothing left, but nerves. When you click the Labels option, your Google Body Browser serves as your virtual biology book. When these options are already activated, tiny labels appear on each item in your current view.

Just like Google Earth, you can search for a particular organ, bone and muscle in its search box at the top portion of the page and the Google Body Browser will zoom in instantly the info you entered. Another great feature is that the Google Body Browser download adjusts its URL when you keep going. If you want to save your current view, all you need to do is to save the URL and you are good to go. You can download the Google Body Browser at Unlike other applications, Google Body Browser does not require any plug-in.

Google Body Browser can be the best way in order for many individuals from different parts of the world to learn all essential body organs, nerves and veins. For most children who love science, this can be an essential means in order for them to gain knowledge about the different parts of the body. Through the help of the technology, it makes the work of many people convenient.